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All Games -> LUNA The Shadow Dust
SteamGame Info

LUNA The Shadow Dust

Inspired by the adventure games of old, LUNA The Shadow Dust is a moving tale of two playable companions drawn together in a hand-animated puzzle adventure, featuring a breathtaking original soundtrack and beautiful 2D cinematics. To light a candle is to cast a shadow Behind the shadow of reality, an enchanted world awaits illumination. Experience the magical journey of a young boy and his companion as they solve puzzles and trace back the memories of old, brought to life with visually stunning, wordless cinematics. Enter the ancient tower that stands at the edge of the world and discover the hand-drawn cinematics, intricate puzzles and haunting music of this indie gem. Traditional frame by frame character animation 12 frames per second, 3 layers per frame. Over 250 animations and 20 minutes of cinematics. A nostalgic and time-consuming process - but really worth the challenge for a small indie team of four. Single player mode with dual character control Solve puzzles from different perspectives. Discover a story of true courage with two playable characters drawn together through an inseparable bond. Think outside of the box Spark your imagination and solve a wide variety of puzzles, presented in gorgeous hand-drawn environments. Puzzles work standalone, requiring no 'hidden items' or player backtracking. LESS reading, MORE cinematics We replaced a dialogue system with a series of beautifully hand-animated cinematics telling a mysterious story. Engaging Original Soundtrack Our composer created an original soundtrack, designed to immerse the player in the emotional highs and lows of the story, kindling goose-bumps along the journey.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 4 339
Number of Owners: STM 29
Number of Players: STM 14
Completists: STM(10.34%)
Number of Achievements: STM 24
Average Achievement Value: STM 180.79

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Achievements (24)

Available achievements
B1565a1ffde4f35a0f9a6d36ba20f04be00cb518 Master Chef
See the thorn react to every cooking combination 210
1a32fe5cc02005ee92378d9676a20ca4a25842a8 Time Travel Paradox
Travel back to the room 200
4c5963d224d90bcfe693e5d75a43460edb1ee84c The New Apprentice
Met the new apprentice 200
1d1c6138e2d70bb87021d9a7b2240699ad3274ae Shadow Ninja
Reach the exit in shadow form without dropping once 200
90e4e505445ef247b1df2ed64996d2af09accbd5 Patient Climber
Reach the top of the ladder without slipping once 200
50aaa70de49ed197a726b6bd7a48b9c598a849b8 Green-Fingered
Water the tree over 20 times 200
505e4d6b6aa78ee3f51c2eb8591eea1838873aee A Sacred Place
Discover the hidden island 200
F91b9b83860f4269d41321e2cbc18b93c1e53df1 Bee Keeper
Release the bee in all four seasons 190
Dbc35c066c54dcdbdbede1926151858062439439 Hint in the Dark
Complete the dark wheel jigsaw 180
Ba548119f40b58ae2320112fa3d5746a16a1cc25 Follow the Rabbit
Complete the Moon Painting Room with no mistakes 180
0fe122317eed608d64b745733db0165c9e639b07 Are You Lost?
Go through doors over 20 times in the Moon Painting Room 180
65194f616eb9726df75ed0d2f9f1212308d5e4ac Wrong!
Select the wrong book 174
9cdfa9b879e3673c26a373b0450ad3dc7498895a Not This Way
Send Layh through the tube 174
E95c3557a95a6511c248392b8e3b2014ee624552 Boing!
Bounce on the bed over 20 times 174
D144eca1aec545aeba4afc1a64f087dca5548d87 The Sacrifice
To light a candle is to cast a shadow 171
4f9bc02b8fe07fce8cfdd581551784eabaacb929 Stoned
Triggered stone form for both characters 171
6287c7beff0086ec8918ac62ef5b5cbd1e856eef Reunion
Üri reunited with Layh 171
Fd5a14f36a50fe0abd2c2270f05ddb2669c03498 Group Performance
Finish listening to the whole performance 171
0a4932d6009e2a6cc2a0c88519603baf85d6983f A Way Back
Travel back to the tower 171
3938643585a7e26acdaa3dc23c892653b4e94f37 Childhood Memory
Master and I 169
D243bb2e808e880935a2adbe7314e89f16ab4537 Squashy
Layh dropped over 30 times during the game 167
Dd908540a8c4c32eb241953c0a95ccfeb0110a65 We’re a Team Now
Üri met Layh 162
D8e3c5e5569dca619fc7765074d8f3b7d66bd997 The Moon Guardians
Reveal all four paintings 162
D41fd5aacfe154b4bb002000272c91c1fedb5400 Entering the Tower
Enter the tower 162

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