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All Games -> Reed Remastered
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Reed Remastered

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 2 274
Number of Owners: PSN 9
Number of Players: PSN 9
Completists: PSN(100%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 17
Average Achievement Value: PSN 133.76

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (17)

Available achievements
Eb9acdb42fad559bff88f9ee25ce32ce0bc6c68f Trained Explorer
Complete 30 levels 134
B11a9f2bf526d5cfd35468e7571bb6bcacc8c804 Talented Explorer
Complete 20 levels 134
Eed1ae1ccddbb71d45315a30f76ac3b42fc51086 Platinum Reed
Get all the trophies 134
58a6ba11c52e4bf6225878e92e01014a4fdac041 Master Explorer
Complete 44 levels 134
47fd30100c75ab8a5f937a130b5e5226310cc95e Intermediate Explorer
Complete 25 levels 134
E19ed04628bf301b021d2e29eb51cc7f4c158109 Going to places
Find the fourth secret area 134
64dfd90c8ca7464aee93639614f5afaa3fbfef89 Found a friend
Meet the mouse 134
D9efb8732c13501eaab684704e6af2d0caddb81a Exploring pays of
Find the second secret area 134
5c186fea0aa66b2c3effc20847243d6b32da6a37 Expert Explorer
Complete 40 levels 134
6bb20c55b51ade1a0b016d2cfbfde463359e0638 Apprentice Explorer
Complete 15 levels 134
9dffa9304714c3f02866b9dbfb6be0951c19570c Another hidden place?!
Find the third secret area 134
B3696f5c9309366127f6b84dfad6e1285d8a87f3 A hidden place
Find the first secret area 134
F3a7ad25664c72793f62ce94b04f6519b6178372 Advanced Explorer
Complete 35 levels 134
C2cabf7e0a61eb0b35faa34791362a02f8e996bb Novice Explorer
Complete 5 levels 133
042a4d35020c064ea0d2216968ec0355fd6f5422 Mission Failed
Die once 133
0f5baf20449f642b0db1983e57d4a05bc9e90fed Cubed
Get your first cube 133
3ba6f0b84ce6c3d16fff3fbbb24a4ae496a43aa3 Aggressive Bird
Get killed by a chicken 133

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