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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 4 220
Number of Owners: PSN 2
Number of Players: PSN 2
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 29
Average Achievement Value: PSN 145.52

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (29)

Available achievements
51decb36231a10bde7317949d98a66d5830f586a Megaspeed
Upgrade Autoblip speed to level 10 160
33cb8aa5bef15f9c97838260e9db35e84c3d71d9 Major Blip!
Reach level 50 160
7f9c3f03ff7084fba4569ff0972845a73c4e3a34 Investor
Spend more than 10k blops in under 1 minute 160
528d680acbf99b99d1e22ea350dc4e83d55a53b2 Hidden Capital
Upgrade BlipVault to level 10 160
6b96c061ed3b29a2f2fce43fe49ffa30c943b92b 100 000
Gather 100k Blops! 160
02380312304b372750c189c0fe0a6338922a0542 One thousand!
Gather 1000 Blops! 158
0be08acefe3d247bfaf510133235acd4c4a0b42f One hundred!
Gather 100 Blops! 158
62fc419612b9a87f90a43bd2264ac1b490039664 Next level!
Reach level 2 158
Eedd481c0c0a69b7a9a6bdae36a98ad218eed4c9 Megablip
Upgrade Blip button to level 10 158
6840b11036d56994cb7aad4ab06872e7ac3634a5 Level 25
Reach level 25 158
7a2dc4b249779287de7ce479ba8efefd0c5b3086 Level 10
Reach level 10 158
E1e85f5c58eba05bfe43432fd2ee27fa39176ad9 It goes to 11
Upgrade Blip-button to level 11 158
E5d51a888244d188591e6d38b05399b753813876 It goes beyond 11
Upgrade Blip-button to level 12 158
1a03f76cb22ed9b9ec1e0a5ba1cc75c7293b1469 First blop
Gather 1 Blop! 158
79a16709e105694a3d36aeeb7d29ade61cc17863 Blip x2
Upgrade Blip button to level 2 158
61574ab1eb6169a4721c576b47bb741bba67f31b Automation
Unlock Autoblip and BlipVault 158
F0ead0fe94438497e6b622000b26c8f37b008519 10 000
Gather 10.000 Blops! 158
E0d42bd78ad3dde51e338773a0c7c06845fd27bc Too many zeros!!!
Gather 1T Blops! 127
Da535571338467325d4ba0f57125bb78c6d941ac Prestigelicious!
Prestige ten times! 127
656a238f500b750c7009e1e2c0cfabefce9d7a66 Prestige!
Prestige once! 127
1ed64de0794a35c0c8f50e4587d73beee4c7119b Power Prestige!
Prestige five times! 127
C249a4cc31e301d259bafa7acbaca3165ef02206 One million!
Gather 1M Blops! 127
99d2ec87a853ceff252d2ad6f1937a489e348c38 Hoarder
Keep full vault for more than ten minutes of continuous play 127
78ecb914096c6699515070ac6ddecf4fb8de5d05 High risk investment
Spend more than 100k blops in under 1 minute 127
8cded36dbd4793e7f56d6a445461d1b1bff0f759 General Blopper, Sir!
Reach level 75 127
874a94c7ecad4e68fdd4e7ec8aada276edbaf538 Frenzy
Collect more than 100k blops in under 1 minute 127
E17245beb44c956815ee1d6a5013be2d6407b480 Dedicated
Blip for 1 hour continuously 127
D381ed46bd76e3da588cc07bffd32b92e7471365 BlipBlop 100%
Get all the trophies in BlipBlop. 127
E74fe33669f2e4ab15e6cb2acf98ed2e9280ed0b Billions!
Gather 1B Blops! 127

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