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All Games -> Offroad Racing
SteamGame Info

Offroad Racing

Dride off the beaten track! Offroad Racing offers a huge choice of all-terrain vehicles to get away from everyday life. Bomb along in a quad bike, buggy or motocross race and enjoy the change of scenery as you explore immersive offroad tracks. 5 singleplayer game modes: - Dedicate your life to offroad racing in Season mode. - Fulfil your destiny in Championship mode. - Don't have time? The Race-against -the-clock and Single race modes are for you. - Not afraid of the heat? Try Hot Lap! Multiplayer modes: In addition to the single-player modes also playable in multiplayer, discover 4 modes that can only be played in multi-player mode: Last Man Riding, King of the Road, Hunter and Golden Helmet! Stunning offroad tracks: In Offroad Racing, one thing's for sure, you're in for a hectic ride. The tracks are bendy, full of surprises and perfect for performing mad stunts! And as if that wasn't enough, you also get stunningly beautiful views. Crazy riders: The riders you choose from are battle-hardened veterans. They live for offroad racing, speed and risks!
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 2 386
Number of Owners: STM 23
Number of Players: STM 3
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 14
Average Achievement Value: STM 170.43

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Achievements (14)

Available achievements
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Zero Gravity
Reach a total of one hour in mid-air 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f The Truth is out there
Win a race with The Truth, in reverse mode, on the track "Dirty Secret" 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Simple is easy, Triple is tricky
Do a triple backflip 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Olé
Do 1000 wheelies 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f No competition
Finish a race 10s ahead of your nearest rival (single race - 'God' difficulty) 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Limitless
Reach a x10 style combo 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Gently does it
Successfully perform 200 T.U.R.B.O landings 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Controlled skid
Do 500 meters of drift in a single turn 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Circling a Quadratic
Lap an opponent in a race with 5 or fewer laps 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Acrobat
Reach a total of 150,000 style points in one race 177
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f The more the merrier
Play a split-screen game 168
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f A new sheriff in town
While playing a season, finish 1st on every race 168
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Improvised Shortcut
Overtake an opponnent using the propeller jump on the Global Warmup track. 140
78dc9145daaac0e9d7cf09897cf034bedea30d6f Flex those Quadriceps
Beat all developers' times in Hot Lap 140

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