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All Games -> Monster Girl Club Bifrost
SteamGame Info

Monster Girl Club Bifrost

Is it okay to fall in love with a monster girl? What if she was also a slave? You, hungover and in your underwear. Her, the Grim Reaper who told you that you bet more money than you could actually pay back and if you don't eventually pay her back, she'll reap your life. Welcome to the town of Bifrost, a place born within the intersection of many different worlds. Only in Bifrost will a traveler find mythical monster girls collared and chained with their dangerous powers stripped away. In other words - slaves. You play as someone who lost a massive debt with the Grim Reaper, and if you don't pay back your debt in the time period given to you, the Grim Reaper will take your life. Thankfully, you happen to be a master monster trainer, and those skills will come in very handily in your new role as the trainer for a monster girl club that the Grim Reaper owns. Gameplay Every ingame day is split into two phases: The Management Phase, and the Night Phase. During the Management Phase, it is your job to check out the incoming clientele to see what type of monster girls they prefer, purchase monster girls from the slave market, and then train those monster girls to get them ready to serve them at night. During the Night Phase, clients will visit into your club, and it will be your job to match their needs with the perfect monster girl to wine and dine with them for an hour or so. If your monster girl impresses the client enough, they might even ask for a time extension with your monster girl! In addition to taking care of your monster girls' various stats, you might come across the following duties that you must perform for your monster girls: Head patting! Room sweeping! Nail filing! Lap pillow using! Newly knitted sweater wearing! Tail brushing! Photosynthesis aiding! Lots of floor sweeping! H-H-Hand holding! Features PLOT! Over twenty different types of monster girls including types like Harpy, Werewolf, Lamia, Mermaid, Minotaur, Cyclops, Slime and Mummy! Over twenty different endings! Can you escape your life of debt while finding true love? Ingame achievements! New game plus bonuses! Start your next game with powerful advantages even if you failed to pay back your debt in time! Playtime Roughly 5-8 hours for first playthrough. 15+ hours to see the content for all girls. Note All the characters that appear in this game are over the age of 18. Club Bifrost does not support screens running a resolution of 1366 x 768 or lower in window mode.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 1 780
Number of Owners: STM 1
Number of Players: STM 0
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 20
Average Achievement Value: STM 89.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (20)

Available achievements
F541e5bb902970858f438a2bced7e9aee106af92 Yo Dawg, Here's a Club, In Yo Club
Constructed everything in the same run 89
D92b8d6cd4c7e4e97a2cd5f69804ed251b25b8b8 What should I buy with all these points...
Cleared Hard Mode without any new game plus bonus 89
C31a37faa3b4a9900fffb1a2efed09bc2b0ff382 This isn't even my final form
Had a girl with all stats exception affection at lv.6 89
351663e8a6d7f4578147c37f10fd9c1f4520d432 This, is, Club Bifrost!!
Made 300 clients into happy campers 89
39ae258dcd82c621d19d893012e8a43faceb32a6 Thank You For Playing
Cleared Expert Mode 89
Fb3efa3545d34352ac5d5756d405836f571803ae Stay away from my girls
Used banned badge on 3 hot guys 89
65d123e72799876c16d16adaa3a9d84f483aca23 Sir, please leave
Used banned badge on 3 rough clients 89
5d23e8e43b01ce5f3dfcc70557f33936276bf35a Pro Service
Fulfilled 20 escort requests 89
B520712b825a0c049fd881a7cb05d0e065a2ed63 Pretty good work if I must say
Reached 500% customer satisfaction 89
5c0c1f78d01cf8a97409b49ff6a766d5a4376c65 Plus Ultra and Beyond
Used up 50000 of clients' energy 89
E7ebc0a8ab3fbecb18d3b2197d5340c4439365ff Owner of Club Bifrost
Cleared Normal Mode 89
828f6dceb0c89d89318f4879c787361cbdd6e28a Our Club's Number One
Raised a queen 89
624f7b9ffe99c67463ce88e24f2880ef4af5d726 Our Beloved Master
Owned 3 "Maid Knowledge" girls at once 89
7b813fbac51a6c3220234cbf85376783f58ce719 My First Million Dollars
Made over 1 million G in the same run 89
A79cee74bd406c5f803b3f9c8b2eb2ef8c9bcee0 Monster Girl Master
Had a girl with all stats exception affection at lv.7 89
1f92a8b8d6a2f543910fb4284d1359e363209fec Master of Club Bifrost
Cleared Hard Mode 89
7f6a86d4d3e27cd8e55ee284881f43589dfcd000 Freshest Club
Maxed a construction 89
7db9df5c91c9845ac8cd45a27cfa56eb6d36cca5 Easiest 5 mil of my life
Made over 5 million G in the same run 89
F2125b57aba334a37a3d9188496bc77cdbc1c439 3 times the satisfaction or your money back!
Reached 300% customer satisfaction 89
351663e8a6d7f4578147c37f10fd9c1f4520d432 100 5 Star Reviews
Made 100 clients into happy campers 89

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