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All Games -> John Wick Hex
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

John Wick Hex

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 3 707
Number of Owners: PSN 3
Number of Players: PSN 1
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 32
Average Achievement Value: PSN 115.84

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Achievements (32)

Available achievements
527ea0d0f48de42a69b4d84e4e72a5de9d0424e2 Survivor
Complete a location with under four bars of health remaining. 142
B35a1379a060113d7fa3a12a7d70f1e8d6c5ac60 Sharp Shooter
Earn the Alyosha Popovich name in any location. 142
4c1f7df9dc0a039657acb10df84f6ad78dd936df Edgar Was Alone
Complete Chinatown. 142
Efa314b1f8ac948ff05f19770fda6d47e472f034 Clipped
Kill someone by throwing a gun at them. 142
35e7d52c2e69ac17cf82030343eae7d253c462ed Change of Heart
Kill someone using two or more guns. 142
9b775d9c3264c5c4dd563d0a635c898d9e3b24f1 Watery Graves
Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Harbor. 111
13cb83b93149f54e1e696f5f7cfce643a153302c Wasteful
Reload a gun which is only missing one round. 111
07ade67629ec7336510efdfead36f1fbc1debec9 The Devil's Dance
Earn the Baba Yaga name in Elysium. 111
457f4ce40faa3816245993f5a546bc2a3b8f3dcd Something with a Beat
Complete Elysium in expedited mode. 111
Eef798a88ebe96b39f47f6fe80cfe3d8055c387d Rumors Abound
Earn the Baba Yaga name in Chinatown. 111
F8aeb026f0938af22b8b982d0d8ca0c42aed7fc9 Respected
Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Alps. 111
24dd81f95c0f029dd5398d9988e2e187bcda9500 Quick Start
Complete Chinatown in expedited mode. 111
13bb0f0a2be0f4d87f650b330f32b9103f43fb21 Pop Art
Complete the Gallery. 111
7988a87f6ea8c3139daf8465de42745adec548ee One Hit Wonder
Complete the Gallery in expedited mode. 111
04fb178ec806490a6a4a8c8a5723a14ff9848d9f Notorious Artist
Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Gallery. 111
513e418f20522eceb1d5b5098f45c36be7ee60a3 Near Miss
Earn the Koschei name in any location. 111
0311117c448758976e251a786f4c1fe7ff585f2c Legendary
Earn the Baba Yaga name in Lair. 111
7772840287718bcddbf9e08a883fed613b0e91ad Last Orders
Complete Elysium. 111
2e716063e1371ff0b2f1ef863015d3f589df6452 Known Quantity
Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Bank. 111
42766bf2b0049854d5483219d9c22ea695a0488d Just in Time
Complete the Lair in expedited mode. 111
Eb1515dbccda22e9cdf1dad5b352193126e2bf45 Iced
Complete the Alps. 111
B1bf369319c444c15cb9f60feb827b704d8de941 Guns. Lots of Guns
Earn the Zmei Gorynych name in any location. 111
E42acecab36798d27971adeabb72abf1321c9913 Fast Deposit
Complete the Bank in expedited mode. 111
8cbe54ae16fce839033b660f8ca8e9c365450bcc Excommunicado
Begin a new game at 6pm. 111
99413e3add805350cb0ccc2580c85823c1cafc6c Directed Anger
Earn the Letun name in any location. 111
A256df77787a0a68fc2c50ea58c14f02da2ad540 Death's Very Emissary
Completed every trophy for the game. 111
8fc72938b282a32633f8f93cfe654e850967cef9 Civil War
Complete the Harbor. 111
A69fd7b8c4e11d3d3447e24675e98a46a019cd8e Blizzard
Complete the Alps in expedited mode. 111
8cdb39bad74cd7fc5d276f4c91750982c4a0973a Birthright
Complete the Lair. 111
D6e6036839ef89ee9e5553f408e90ce10b3286d5 A Withdrawl
Complete the Bank. 111
652a60ca367fc6287cc9d4061d9f8a3b4fad9405 A Contender
Complete the Harbor in expedited mode. 111
D138337a29ddb0cb6072195ecd586e7c2b51a03e 87eleven
Use a takedown, a strike and a push on the same enemy. 111

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