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All Games -> Golf With Your Friends
Xbox LiveGame Info

Golf With Your Friends

Why have friends if not to play Golf... With Your Friends! Nothing is out of bounds as you take on courses filled with fast paced, exciting, simultaneous mini golf for up to 12 players! Key Features: 12 Player Multiplayer! Make sure your skills are up to scratch as you tee off against 11 other golfers in online multiplayer. Themed Courses! Get the Par-Tee started and go head to head on themed courses! Become a pro in the pirate ship, declare worms warfare on the worms course or aim for an albatross in the ancient theme. Powerups! Drive a wedge between your friends as you trap their ball in honey, freeze it or turn it into a cube. Three Game Modes! Tee off in classic mini golf, shoot for the pars in hoops or swap the hole for a goal in hockey Customisations! Turn the fairway into the runway, with stylish hats, floaties and trails for your ball!.
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Player Rankings: Xbox Live
Current Game Meta Value: XBL 17 531
Number of Owners: XBL 71
Number of Players: XBL 69
Completists: XBL(1.41%)
Number of Achievements: XBL 36
Average Achievement Value: XBL 486.97

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (36)

Available achievements
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdxk8viwcc6ecdqqv5euvb.4xqjzv9gistsvwegejx5rwjb8rbzgpscgu7apw6evcvtrayvrji_py3h_xajpdzmvp8vncvqobfqzu1bgekowhegpz Your Ancestors would be proud
Get par or better on Ancient classic 742
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd1rt0otbf3qgg.2qyx4ob.py1td9dx7vj6rxos1c9mieqehgqha30rxnd9yf70ramzqbrqcht_g3tesjq5_myaf3blyn_sgnt0i That was a rocky road
Get par or better on CandyLand classic 742
Image?url=27s1dhqe Targeted destruction
Get par or better on Worms Classic 742
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdwdvjcm_uolocxcx9oykmgdb7xg0maofkyr6qu01d.xyo3nx4eel5gtb0om.r Scientific Precision
Get par or better on Space Station Classic 742
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdwf3mbknhax76h010_ygmbmnxxfnrmic849rle9nkiqwoib4aqdvzctwjotizu9sv4rbmaqll00si9iul Can't spook me!
Get par or better on Haunted classic 742
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdyivsvbn4ic.5dmpmj3ngyszhdkpys2slywlggh5m2aqvvdwtovcobylb8jnjjiec2eordz7s5anyhfvddvf53x2dmk3bkie36ulolpgifutkrmyypbq_ygru Parfect!
Get par or better on Oasis classic 720
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd2imzhib7v4hz320itrlikqwnqerbgquruysheom5gzmuj4x64bqmagbmp Paaarrrrrrr!
Get par or better on Pirate classic 720
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdygkytbiib8ylwchu8utb3uvwjtvxw1hechpesd5hgf_gmbifzg0qzemxiefgmo2mp1xypnqipjdqltet8zm6prs8jnpe9fbmuvonj5qzh Historic Achievement
Get par or better on Museum Classic 720
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdw8qo7tf3hlwsd9slsoiz1d59lko7reu6niqqsmdkre4_hte9xcfcynw76u Twinkle twinkle little par
Get par or better on Twilight classic 700
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd9qsjsyuhtuseqrvtmwuyr.uthf4.uk61_vyygbesesrkpgryiihdy2klzm7h0ujz3f2e7gamwd4tshqjlzeknu3smj_z7xh.sjqnbna Getting good!
Get 10 albatross 700
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd6nogj7jzqmki04gpirpepsvgq6owwetqmzdzullj7tylwg1t5zea9cf7qyt1shli.q8o On par!
Get 50 pars 659
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdz3y._ogboclp4hh1qjjohzdgp31atafpkrmsdzzpcwilbi Treemendous!
Get par or better on Forest classic 620
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd8bj0lpy2aadw5jp9brpsuwkd57lcitvoe6_ndm15slohzjssk43lu8gebhqfu6bene0r Master Putter
Take 1000 shots 563
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd4fl_umphkgmn_ffxbv Unnatural History
Play a full game of Museum on Classic 509
Image?url=27s1dhqe Three pointer
Play a full game of Dunk 509
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd6k.gmgpv3u2mhchzqfbw3bvw3mze9z7_qqztynl7wkpkwv1i0qqbin2prmer9fpdpubdlsizejg_cgrbhsgf9mlfdcf4pwty.c8rfgx_vwru33besahqxgjzb Shoot out
Play a full game of Hockey 509
Image?url=27s1dhqe Incoming!
Play a full game Worms on Classic 509
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd5iv2wo7jizg4bf1nl.ubepnuraf4kshyta4arvrbvdfkdefm.ehxchuspcts3fctec4yuokfqgkgjg5dugbqb0v83sjagzbbsanpvs5dndwv4acqwgjx_t1 Roar!
Play a full game of Ancient on Classic 491
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd9cktupxdjxxki9c5t5xgu_shetpqz1ees8m_adlr0s2 Nice shot!
Get an albatross 491
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdyghi0i5fuaeprua_fjesojwnqpujvxilh7t6bxr79fzpu4hfwo9gsbhghl0 Blast off!
Play a full game of Space Station on Classic 491
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd_8smi1njto2ndxpwscqt_by8cgg.0alcgqqi0bcadkpjdqkyxp5tjcqnmwpikosfkzwdkso96z6pwor7uxoixhqwscukulw1gtlh Anchors aweigh!
Play a full game of Pirate on Classic 491
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd00ib5gx4tobh98nepouxim2smp7k9ihmfehsookllzuamhfm9ygxr7cf Who's the food now?
Get eaten by Gingy in the practice area 474
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdwjawyctru1sec7wadckrpl4sjjfxorg7pg2vd4tlzkatkhopnygfp7jsvghv5b28smoosbjn8xk3hp97gq2dwfvcqa_0oyaa Sweet tooth!
Play a full game of CandyLand on Classic 474
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdx39td6qxzgy6i58uvy7equa4oaf_veq.b2toniogihj_hsyb3ts5hwqyk9uizmegqqgueggpbw8 Magical!
Play a full game of Twilight on Classic 441
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd5hfvnys0kdebgrmumvypuqvis45afb.h7ptrumdz_sf4gmeyqjceh5td Friends With Pharaoh's
Play a full game of Oasis on Classic 408
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdy_t4erdxhpqv2kn2jghf3kilkp6la6aqlxjuw7 BOO!
Play a full game of Haunted on Classic 408
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd8r2wunlubk6x7netqmgiac8jfewsqyt0chcckl51uhg1wqn4zts Amateur Putter
Take 500 shots 408
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd9zvmrxnzsmnevt7w0z_.i9rxgedsnqejyq6fuixndypdanag7c3lrbcokboy7xpksevu5sasdl1sahjajz1bekcpgg82ku06wbpys4up Fly, fly away!
Get 10 birdies 348
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdy2xp0h1brorpbuoq6rapynqzr11tnbktnakyycn7jj0wqbyvryjg9snaqeoylbmlcsio3ug.gx2ryu7bx.dmxk_jbfb0w7hqbe_l3oivk5ysjpl_z4ici1 All the bells and whistles
Play a full game with a custom game mode 305
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdyw7aoiiajhjgcpemrsntvtux7olzqogea Stay on Target
Go out of bounds 50 times 200
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdwdvjcm_uolocxcx9oykmgdhid_dntzxu5.pdfs7eipqisg6d Golf With Your Friends
Play a hotseat or online game 200
Image?url=27s1dhqe TIMBER!
Play a full game of Forest on Classic 176
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd1lnkdajl1wbifrctv9qy7.5kmw9uwai90rfwwsgedl6izbap0x3hk01c6iooaujkujyhyusjem Not enough time in the day!
Out of time 168
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd9ufw8qusnsfpdx4w4uutux3yvls9fxiu5w3gkuh_0oxfuw5xiptrr6eoyymnodtc957mtqykx0fizxcia80zyuuoem_dd6gg8ausxygvvdrnvwhx0zvwwwxtesqdy Beginner Putter
Take 50 shots 150
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd_gz1wgjkksfhwunrwrx6_rvuigghpnuu0p6e.8i0_aagbifmxqncugvfkdfdmz9hnufi.irlqyjep_.vspjngrse0gjqvogafhrirjaxlolhjb0 Hole in one!
Get a hole in one! 144
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd_piazew2gh7gehdxg1f.ccpyuerjpykojlsjwuwkfita50p4lgyyc97bfljufz3dyzsqtm8iojhdrrdjmu.lmwo9gqrqz.rjk7 The Course Is That Way
Go out of bounds 115

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