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RetroAchievements.orgGame Info
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Player Rankings: RetroAch
Current Game Meta Value: R.A 11 858
Number of Owners: R.A 2
Number of Players: R.A 1
Completists: R.A(100%)
Number of Achievements: R.A 101
Average Achievement Value: R.A 117.41

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Achievements (101)

Available achievements
121398_lock Wind Seal Stone
Get the Wind Seal Stone in third floor 126
121010_lock Wind Guard
Find the Wind Guard in second floor 126
120992_lock Wind Blade Bacelet
Find the Wind Blade Bacelet in third floor 126
121441_lock Wilfred Light
Know the truth about Wilfred Light 126
121590_lock Watts Virgil
Know the truth about Watts Virgil 126
121395_lock Water Seal Stone
Get the Water Seal Stone 126
121453_lock Viper
Learn abaout the Viper 126
120987_lock Verdite keeper
Have 10 Verdites 126
121006_lock Twin Dragon Ring
Find the Twin Dragon Ring in first floor 126
120981_lock Truth Mirror
Get the Truth Mirror in second floor 126
120990_lock Triple Fang
Find the Triple Fang in third floor 126
120993_lock Tower Shield
Find the Tower Shield in third floor 126
120981_lock The Second Truth Mirror
Get the Truth Mirror in third floor 126
121400_lock The King of Verdite
Defeat the last boss and beat the game 126
121595_lock Swordmaster
Grow up to Swordmaster class 126
121593_lock Swordman [m]
Grow up to Swordman class 126
120991_lock Stone Hands
Find the Stone Hands in third floor 126
121719_lock Stone Golem
Learn abaout the Stone Golem 126
120971_lock Small Shield
Find the Small Shield in first floor 126
121722_lock Skull Demon
Learn abaout the Skull Demon 126
121009_lock Skull Armor
Find the Skull Armor in second floor 126
121471_lock Skeleton
Learn abaout the Skeleton 126
121003_lock Shadow Blade
Find the Shadow Blade in fourth floor 126
121477_lock Scorpion
Learn abaout the Scorpion 126
121723_lock Red Demon
Learn abaout the Red Demon 126
121478_lock Reaper
Learn abaout the Reaper 126
121588_lock Randalf VIII
Know the truth about Randalf VIII 126
121585_lock Rally Kelvin
Know the truth about Rally Kelvin 126
120983_lock Phantom Rod
Find a Phantom Rod 126
121709_lock Phantom
Learn abaout the Phantom 126
121446_lock Ozzy Ranvalgve
Know the truth about Ozzy Ranvalgve 126
121536_lock Nicholas Oarman
Know the truth about Nicholas Oarman 126
121732_lock Mummy
Learn abaout the Mummy 126
120980_lock Morning Star
Find the Morning Star in first floor 126
121013_lock Moon Stone
Find a Moon Stone 126
121007_lock Moonlight Sword
Get the Moonlight Sword in fifth floor 126
120988_lock Moon Charm
Find the Moon Charm in second floor 126
121008_lock Mist Crown
Find the Mist Crown in first floor 126
121587_lock Miria
Know the truth about Miria 126
121445_lock Mantle Lap
Learn abaout the Mantle Lap 126
121001_lock Magicians Map
Find the Magicians Map in fourth floor 126
121004_lock Magicians Key
Get the Magicians Key 126
121592_lock Magefighter [m]
Grow up to Magefighter class 126
121712_lock Lizard Man
Learn abaout the Lizard Man 126
121718_lock Living statue
Learn abaout the Living statue 126
120999_lock Light Ring
Find the Light Ring in third floor 126
120975_lock Light Family Key
Get the Light Family Key 126
120995_lock Leg Guards
Find the Leg Guards in third floor 126
120973_lock Knight Sword
Find a Knight Sword in first floor 126
121450_lock Knight Shield
Get a Knight Shield 126

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