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RetroAchievements.orgGame Info
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Player Rankings: RetroAch
Current Game Meta Value: R.A 3 608
Number of Owners: R.A 10
Number of Players: R.A 8
Completists: R.A(20%)
Number of Achievements: R.A 22
Average Achievement Value: R.A 164.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (22)

Available achievements
121679_lock Stage 2 Boss - 1 Credit Run
Defeated Stage 2 Boss 179
121599_lock Stage 1 Boss Flawless [m]
Defeated Stage 1 Boss Without Taking Damage 179
121677_lock Stage 1 Boss - 1 Credit Run
Defeated Stage 1 Boss 179
121612_lock Perfect Second Car Run [m]
Lost No Lives in Car Tunnel 179
121609_lock Perfect First Stage [m]
Zero Damage in First Stage (Inlcudes Boss) 179
121600_lock Perfect Elevator[m]
Elevator Cables Still Intact 179
121685_lock Made It To The Bottom Safely [m]
Survived the Elevator Ride 179
121684_lock Hive Queen Killed - 1 Credit Run
Killed Hive Queen 179
121686_lock Elevator Scene - 1 Credit Run
Survived the Elevator Ride 179
121676_lock Defeated Stage 4 Bosses Flawless [m]
Defeated Electric Bosses - No Life Loss 179
121678_lock First Car Run - 1 Credit Run
Completed First Car Tunnel 170
121608_lock Stage 3 Boss
Defeated Stage 3 Boss 152
121616_lock Hive Queen's Hatchery
Defeated Queen in Hatchery 152
121619_lock Get Off My Ship!
Defeated the Hive Queen 152
121687_lock Escaped the Flooded Below
Fought the Mini Boss and Escaped the Flooded Area 152
121617_lock Defeated Twice!
Defeated Mini Boss for a Second Time 152
121614_lock Defeated Stage 4 Bosses
Defeated Electric Boss Aliens 152
121622_lock 100K Points
Earned 100,000 Points 152
121606_lock Stage 2 Boss
Defeated Stage 2 Boss 149
121621_lock 50K Points
Earned 50,000 Points 149
121598_lock Stage 1 Boss
Defeated Stage 1 Boss 143
121690_lock 1-Up [m]
Gained a Life 143

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