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All Games -> Ever Forward Prologue
SteamGame Info

Ever Forward Prologue

The prologue for Ever Forward is a free, standalone program that will give players a glimpse into the mysterious world of a young girl on an arduous journey. This prologue features the beginning of her story, and 8 adventure puzzles with a charming and unique aesthetic that will leave you captivated! In Ever Forward Prologue players impersonate Maya; a twelve-year-old girl lost on the edge of dreams and reality. As they unveil the mysteries of her subconscious, the players will unlock her memories step-by-step and progressively face her fears and sorrows. By facing challenging puzzles and exploring breathtaking environments, they will slowly reveal the secrets buried in Maya’s heart. Save files from the prologue will carry over to the final version. 永进 Ever Forward
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 1 736
Number of Owners: STM 295
Number of Players: STM 81
Completists: STM 59 (20%)
Number of Achievements: STM 10
Average Achievement Value: STM 173.60

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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce They move now?
Finished the first challenge puzzle 231
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce I found a bug!
No,you didn't. 184
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Heard it all before
Say something once, why say it again? 177
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Lobel Prize!
Bah!It should be Nobel! 171
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce This is how it begins
Not with a whimper, but with a “Eureka!” 166
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Change the channel!
How come nothing good is on? 166
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Adieu, my little tree!
We hardly knew ye. 158
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Once the greatest of concerns
It’s all relative. 156
B6a8b17ecee23932fe0acbdb7bdf3d0e3c9f86ce Queen of the Swings
It’s good to be queen? 148

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