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All Games -> The Unicorn Princess
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

The Unicorn Princess

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 2 494
Number of Owners: PSN 2
Number of Players: PSN 2
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 20
Average Achievement Value: PSN 124.70

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (20)

Available achievements
3ae969b12bdf5fb056e0419ff55616a8183e1cb5 Shield Master
Find the shield 146
Fd9ae87c981abd64bceeb4345a43b1e8084c9cc5 It Happens
Fail a mission 146
6555e91d08644fc5397e2d4f85588aecb0966ff1 Beauty
Complete Mission 5 146
80bc292c665d26f6035836e3f2fbf38e6bf5cbb8 Unicorn
Meet the unicorn 144
8c737b5f98c5b9f1badff28ae1433989d4712b58 Rabbit Rescuer
Find the rabbit 144
389f5a7b6802019f578f7e99298fcdcd4d056024 Bronze Rings
Complete Mission 2 144
E0e767c653a8349dbde8ae7a3a2ed66038abc5f7 Yummy Soda
Complete Mission 13 116
585c1e53212f84c4da3eef776d2900632d3701d2 Unicorn Collector
Find all unicorn miniatures 116
2472e536893a86b684527dba7c9b9d17a21193bf Trash Collector
Clean up the village 116
755005a627f177046f29d2e7e486c73a9ad8849c Sword Master
Find the sword 116
C4c7637f1c1df3dff8bda7cf2d56aaea557dc4b0 Silver Rings
Complete Mission 6 116
7c1971a55119f956d8cbcaa4c0155d6f468c8e89 Rich Ramona
Buy all clothes and hair dyes 116
1fee66074f5d46f176db0b6e3027c3212a75f831 Rich Finn
Buy all horse accessories 116
Fbf39d3b94ba341e056a30e1470cdb03ff19e37e Noble Knight
Complete Mission 15 116
79c07b441c290bbbb32de88ffc9861c8a25792d0 Hoofing It!
Complete Mission 11 116
B3330367382d91d3aac6594173efd73cff53253d Helmeted
Find the helmet 116
Dd59cd5aeddd4a5d7d38a36db723f22767e01e01 Golden Rider
Complete Mission 10 116
2b7f3e9b575f912800b822ede82d8c2b7ae01f7b Dream Dancer
Win the entire game 116
9334204f11cb5dddfca4655de00dce6997c317b6 Cross-Country Rider
Complete Mission 14 116
Aea46d6d4e76c398573ba61be2f5c7b18ba3fa95 Carver
Complete Mission 7 116

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