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All Games -> Peace Data
SteamGame Info

Peace Data

Peace Data — hard "Roguelike" game. You have to go a long way to Zhmih, shooting all the enemies in your path. You are waiting for exciting shootings at high tower built tyrant. Four game characters, with their abilities and characteristics, will help you achieve your goal. Roll from cover to cover. Dodge bullets. Adapt to game locations. Use the unique abilities of the characters. Overcome bosses, overcoming yourself. Dispose of a rich arsenal of weapons. Become the hero of your long-suffering country. STORY The events of the game are completely fictitious and have nothing to do with reality. All coincidences are random and are only a figment of your imagination. Developers do not intend to offend anyone. The scene of the game takes place in the country of Rusland. At the next re-election of the president, in 2024, the opposition was completely suppressed by law enforcement agencies, by order of the president, whose name will forever remain sinister for, in the future, a slave country - Zhmih. Those who disagreed were destined to rot in prisons and be tortured in the Yarosville colonies. It does not matter who you are: an old man or a child, a man or a woman. An unenviable fate befell almost everyone. Six years later, the totalitarian state finally prevailed over rebellious resistance. From the opposition there were either small groups of people hiding in the dark, or loners sitting at home. Rusland became a closed state in which food of poor quality was distributed according to coupons, and such concepts as personal life, rights and freedom ceased to exist. Was created its own Internet network, finally fenced off the state from the outside world. However, as already mentioned, those few remained who wanted to seize power from the enemies of the people. One of them turned out to be the eternally lonely Bitard. In his garage, he was able to create a device of shit and sticks that allows you to manipulate the minds of other people. Thanks to this technology, Bitard was able to infuse the consciousness of certain people with whom he had family ties. Now, with the help of this machine, Bitard will have to get through a huge amount of opposing force, headed by Zhmih himself. He will have to climb to the very top of the great tower in which Zhmih settled, and steal the last hope for the restoration of peace in the country, called "Peace Data". It would seem that having such a machine would not be difficult to do, but, every time a character dies, time rolls back, thereby resetting all progress to the starting point.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 3 204
Number of Owners: STM 0
Number of Players: STM 0
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 36
Average Achievement Value: STM 89.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (36)

Available achievements
518cdbb943d981af42a276b6398b22366f6a74ac You will not run
Complete Speed Improvement 89
9d60fe84dc58b748d934c4e1541e19783975e1b8 You will not live
Complete Health Improvement 89
Cd418f403dc8042b8f855fcd9c9df8412f27dde8 You repulsive bushman!
Kill the first sniper 89
Fa0d179ced36550653c5dcc1859e56d4c7bc5648 Will Rusland be free?
Inspect the ending 89
89bc6530aa2709a9e5b4f13c3fef6dbf6e575842 Wild Cyrillic World
Change the language in the main menu 89
55e26134590ed0c4ae868273d1780a8a0ef94e1f When SPIDoznye syringes - not the worst
Complete the third floor 89
00e5f780b66ef5a0d0e91395f2119216e3abbf08 Welcome to the club, buddy
First launch 89
F60311d3ab7e64f564266e43df63f0e381b61098 Valera, it's your time
Kill the first enemy with a handgun 89
9c61f9d7692ccfaa463ff515bf2370549d3638fc The joke about the bottle
Kill the first melee enemy 89
72197aa98bf6e647d230b2206f336ca2c60bee2d The house was washed away
Kill the fourth boss 89
B12db1f84aac7d0c9edb27cb5cbaebf1998bd3e3 Synonym for protest
Buy paper airplane 89
5dd60baf9299eee7192c793bf228053e96ecf8f4 sup /clown/
Activate easter eggs in browser 89
5a0c1dc89c8044f07e298f2877b9a865e6aa0472 Quick in bed
Kill the first enemy with a submachine gun 89
57cc5f867c96f6b069f71a190138becc4220da80 qqwrd
Kill the third boss 89
D37f29ca2cb99a4d921ec94d1b3216bd7e1af2fe Maybe you will live to be 65 y.o.
Start upgrading health improvement 89
8d8b3ec685279e8a37650b809e5004e531a33d8c Maybe you have time to run to the pharmacy
Start upgrading speed improvement 89
6c16b9a315e0b60108dd535de32024fa158530ba Inside
Activate easter eggs in browser 89
59d5279333f4d208f11ed512d85a2d9068905ce8 Gray Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
Open your first chest 89
6ea41b7fc5eb3f248b56055cf858dc3c61f463dd Got into debt with RSVK
Kill the first boss 89
9387ca35c7a15df41d542d37e909e41b9c7934d0 For Groove street
Kill the first enemy with an assault rifle 89
743803f708249ac6a32373d206443df5bdd26eb9 Died - Zhmih
Kill the fifth boss 89
25e4b3d42b28b44c8d28109aa46ec04d146a2e4e Dead
Activate easter eggs in browser 89
Cc9804089c7367fb7fb4af8922f25cfb053b310a Born - Zhmih
Complete fifth floor 89
9a2f28d9ff00af47b7cda551c5bc060929aa436c Better than Scarlxrd
Buy the first body armor 89
81315133e941cfe6d041fc7f788d2425ce61c852 Beginning of the End
Complete the first floor 89
8d0c8e6bc50049b876c9099670429d2dadb270c5 Beginning of the End
Complete the first floor 89
7f3da93cb0e011dd845c8e5d70c1203548c13626 Asphyxiation package
Kill the second boss 89
Db8a02169bfd15db8e353e7709a1bad9e3612592 Antifreeze or hawthorn?
Complete the second floor 89
Da03021e2ba649b62331e68ecb98ca34685126d8 Antifreeze or hawthorn?
Complete the second floor 89
0cd82944bd1d9c8da421e1b20382b797617478ea Ah man, here we go again
First death 89
3d9a810c4683383910232fdc57e30247fb71d30a 51117
Buy first weapon 89
2adbfe556551fe54196d6f8de4097f769e1d74c3 -30hp Pump Shotgun
Kill the first enemy with a shotgun 89

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