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All Games -> ~Homebrew~ Anguna DS
RetroAchievements.orgGame Info
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Player Rankings: RetroAch
Current Game Meta Value: R.A 1 774
Number of Owners: R.A 3
Number of Players: R.A 2
Completists: R.A(100%)
Number of Achievements: R.A 14
Average Achievement Value: R.A 126.71

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (14)

Available achievements
125469_lock Tomb Raider
Discover every Area in Tomb Dungeon 127
125451_lock That's a Trap!
Buy Traps from Item Shop Cave in Overworld 127
125471_lock Rule the entire World
Discover every Area in Overworld 127
125476_lock Haunted
Defeat Big Ghost in Desert Dungeon 127
125475_lock Got Lantern!
Find Lantern in Desert Dungeon 127
125456_lock Get Full Access
Destroy all Rocks in Overworld 127
125466_lock Finally, I can fly!
Find Winged Boots in Tomb Dungeon 127
125470_lock Explosive!
Buy Dynamite from Item Shop in Overworld 127
125479_lock Don't bother if you're already rich!
Find 100 Gold Moneybag in Treasure Cave 127
125477_lock Are you thirsty?
Discover every Area in Desert Dungeon 127
125474_lock Another Shoot Fire
Defeat Pit Serpent in Desert Dungeon 127
125460_lock Another Haunted
Defeat Giant Bat in Tomb Dungeon 127
125484_lock Shoot Fire
Defeat FireCroc in Prison Dungeon 125
125483_lock Got Bow and Arrows
Find Bow in Prison Dungeon 125

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