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All Games -> Star Wars Episode I: Racer
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Star Wars Episode I: Racer

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 4 750
Number of Owners: PSN 52
Number of Players: PSN 44
Completists: PSN 24 (46.15%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 30
Average Achievement Value: PSN 158.33

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (30)

Available achievements
B766481702338e68f3bb02abbb9ee86341bd4005 Now THIS is podracing
Earn all trophies. 180
0ab5b2ef201aa5c744b3a7009cf438ff4757bf15 You came, you looked around, you bought
Purchase all of the best upgrades. 177
8aecfd796930353b27bd9a3407cfc46c7fb8fb65 The fastest racer in the galaxy
Finish all races in first place. 172
3d925b4e59dba0d6f3c3dbff24e936835f6ae602 Taking the high road
Unlock Bozzie Baranta. 172
36245469f72ae39b0e871eb7000575e96b4ffae7 Invitation accepted
Complete Invitational Podracing Circuit. 172
Eb70786905ccd6c0d25cb6175af997af62e20cdf From Oovo IV to Tatooine
Complete Galactic Podracing Circuit. 172
2bec04aba6d341a574d1195799cdcffe791eb991 By far the favorite today
Unlock Sebulba. 172
B40199f93ffd2a036127a26359a47f9710054287 Bantha poodoo
Hit 10 enemies with Sebulba's weapon. 172
00be1896943be0c8a3e13661817e8af79eb74491 Left... I mean, right!
Complete a Mirrored Race. 170
D383ec5bff61a17f136d78d35234205279773e60 Kessel Run
Reach 1000 MPH. 170
8a7ad18986edf833f3f0417139efb9b876c7e954 An especially dangerous Dug
Win a race with Sebulba. 170
Be4194e5a2fd74ab5863c8ca0c0672a95db77aee Welcome to the Dark Slide
Unlock Slide Paramita. 168
C5ce126a33e82ca6797141c1ab99b18774e86579 The devlikk is in the details
Unlock Wan Sandage. 168
1d80cd7ff73726e0f729ddd4520e12a17d980b50 Don't get cocky, kid
Complete Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit. 165
9be95701058d76898dda60bfbb5d438af5f6f6b7 It's working! It's working!!
Repair your engines from "warning" back to stable as Anakin. 163
F88e990d65fa93e0e5ad4d5199ed66e935c643ac Serv-O-Droid, Inc.
Max out your Pit Droid Crew. 160
Aa5ea69115a9d19614756bfb95eead52b9d561f3 Bullseye
Unlock "Bullseye" Navior. 158
Df4458073120f5af777eb6ed17240cd1d29c7fa5 Inkabunga!
Complete a Boost Start. 153
7e595357f816db0cf4e8b6c2de5b180a5cdc831d Eat my exhaust
Taunt during a boost. 153
9399a3adc5bf7521b0b97aa8e5ec1783de0b181d Cell block racer
Unlock Fud Sang. 153
F6d8fb3b42d012720ca4de382bcdf84fb27c4489 Start your engines
Complete Amateur Podracing Circuit. 151
96e6aa372456b20331978ae59479ab0947ac05af Light speed
Reach 700 MPH. 148
Fbf8f40944772041bb558476d59c1b8435cfc165 Woohoo
Perform a boost. 144
66518275039955f00e68cc04282534b1773aa3e4 Mind tricks don’t work on me—only money
Purchase your first upgrade. 144
036f3b0f96a5ec674c094e0844f78ab140e638ce Brake check
Unlock Teemto Pagalies. 144
62999652658643775d8ae1251874b7e179cb9398 Beedo’s wild ride
Unlock Aldar Beedo. 144
B1b2f0e7c4898b73ba53d41b12e201ca16c82b49 Don't count on it, slimeball
Taunt your opponents. 137
Ecba7f2881113aec9685807e3fbf8c2f78369dd1 May the first be with you
Come in first place. 134
1ae0ac636db8089e7ed5d21e89cc2da16bd68f95 This is podracing
Finish your first race. 132
4dfa688ea16b108b8c6ccce751dbaf6c736c0668 It's a new lap record
Set a new lap record. 132

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