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All Games -> Carrion
Xbox LiveGame Info


CARRION is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution..
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Player Rankings: Xbox Live
Current Game Meta Value: XBL 5 008
Number of Owners: XBL 55
Number of Players: XBL 55
Completists: XBL 10 (18.18%)
Number of Achievements: XBL 21
Average Achievement Value: XBL 238.48

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (21)

Available achievements
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdwy0.lvenunrbohjwjotgvoonr1b96u4ahk.ndvckio_6biy7rbow0nlrcncgyzwaryfyujmfzmsl Jared Stults
Gain access to all 9 Containment Units 411
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd7v Jean-Michel Jar
Gain access to 6 Containment Units 396
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd3_ykezkubbtiqrrkcc6jzyrb962c5d2e8fgopts.jdzy5.vcaefupb7c3ocmcuy.esyoome7lrivlxntr2zadsnhhb9umkihmjkaa The New Reality
Carry on, my wayward son 338
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd41q9gwo8gd9ue1mkjrp3365pavyprwx8u5fwwh6v9rewqye Jarring Experience
Gain access to 3 Containment Units 338
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdzrxgh0qouvklv6hlq1o.hnj3s7m2bos1j..bntq2ixg 4 8 15 16 23 42
Breach the Bunker 338
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdxq6bof.mjvzswqd.tbipid00r6jfzbrpz6axa4nkw4uefmckn7zremnn_33lupfwuui6kgrb9ngcpuhg War... War Never Changes
Breach the Armored Warfare Facility 325
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd_uu_kxbay0gmwdd5kzxjpole.barcmab5vykbz03wckczeqdwyuycydibyzvlexbp9a9v9qckuxhg.txdehs6vqglz8xyl0a Ionized
Breach the Nuclear Power Plant 298
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd4lnkjx2f4k6sohk3ufhry.tlpjmn6rtlpyj5y7uxajbaqcemadggz4sqakhzqmm1wjup7flhryx1x3k7glndiq2x95z Get to the Choppa!
Relive the Final Flashback Sequence 298
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd48oid6qxcr70mowctjbis1xgssn6ziifhbewerxvfun5gvcm2s1zrjdqfkmn Water Under the Bridge
Breach the Bridge of the Leviathan Reef Base 285
Image?url=27s1dhqe Stakeholder Meating
Breach the Relith Science HQ 248
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd We Need to Go Deeper
Breach the Leviathan Reef Base 213
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd6rya4h3l0fkk5n63s9ax_3aua8ul638rpdqrzyaokhl9rqexhosref5ivrgk6an8antnfkwfhmwrravpeojpynxnlm.ax3bfh.yjyznw There's Something in Those Trees
Breach the Botanical Gardens 181
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd5xrl8tqy.mwwyirfilaotay4xtgh2u.r66zlpvt1bfdf4vpr82eiz44adtwpk24t8imlcut5jeaxkmhtfugsrvrmzaic1gsivtfx032u One Monster, One Jar
Gain access to 1 Containment Unit 171
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd28ywyyoh9mmqo_du2of8wlw3bumngifagidwpxyurkvinwf5bduhx4bxsi52xfhqj5vqmvtosserahmb The Perfect Organism
Relive the Second Flashback Sequence 164
Image?url=27s1dhqe Intoxication
Breach the Hazardous Waste Landfill 164
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd09eiimyjxj9xs2k9jzcxc6_v1crza5bfmlqi3f_1nuxfza3twoy6dzn4r29s5vnxop_pv76qlt_jsufwfvblypmu A Cerebral Feast
Harvest your first ripe juicy head 164
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd1iun3izcw96ohuaiparsor90aqkhv4bi5ik3usedmjx2jctoc_xrvqltkhbu9ki8yythhrg3guhignkg7 Claustrophobia
Breach the Uranium Mines 159
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd81hcdyyal_ye421bsvouabl7ype.fxpvugmmpydvcvsq39jatsmd7znvjdkpgewpowfs6brwje0ueaewmrymxbb6uto2mltosz The Derelict
Relive the First Flashback Sequence 137
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd_l1_hwisn7_6.mzrfrccc9skuo4xsgj9jjhxla0n.hl3xuwvwzrs1p7zd_79wgg3ab4xouc7sv6wa8d.21mewz6mx1ttrj70lwcuseoh Machines Can Expire Too
Breach the Military Junkyard 137
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd3feyjuqqkyabnvbtwny It's Alive!
Breach the BSL-4 Research Ward 124
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd6nogj7jzqmki04gpirpepui6dnudhae9bhf38ndthar9zscz58z5k2dluivz.qljeltgxqtmyubs9zuscnoskhx Flesh of Prey
Nourish yourself 119

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