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SteamGame Info

Size Matters

Size Matters is heavily inspired by "Inch by Inch" - special thanks to devs! In Size Matters you take on the role of a scientist who has unintentionally ingested a chemical which causes him to shrink every second! As you shrink, getting around the laboratory gets trickier, with the game essentially turning into a platformer as you figure out ways to climb up onto where the equipment and ingredients are located! Using the equipment, you need to manage to make an antidote in a limited time, before you shrink completely! Go through the formulas you find and follow them accurately! Operate equipment such as: Chemical Processor, The Reverter, Code Combiner, Antidote Producer and more! But beware, your time is very precious - you need to process ingredients using lab equipment all while searching for missing components or rearranging the lab so you're able to reach stuff when you're smaller! Search the laboratory for ingredients and formulas which aid you to produce the three key components of the antidote! Every formula is tied to one of the machines in the lab. You can produce new ingredients, which may be used in other formulas or are one of the three key ingredients you need for the antidote Once you collect three key ingredients, place them inside the antidote producer to produce an antidote! When you shrink too small the game is over! Tweak all kinds of settings, such as the height at which you start, how many double jumps you can do, or how long it takes for the Chemical Processor to complete its process!
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Expansion: Patch
Platforms STM
Player Ranking:
Current Game Meta Value: 67 482
Number of Owners: 2 068
Number of Players: 208
Completists: 39
Completists %: 1.89%
Number of Achievements: 58
Average Achievement Value: 1 163.48

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (58)

Available achievements
Professional Drawer Opener
Open drawers and cabinets more than 10000 times! 1679
True Expert
Win at least one round on all available laboratories! 1403
True Winner
Win 10 or more rounds! 1396
Professional Drawer Opener
Open drawers and cabinets more than 1000 times! 1382
Chemical Reverter Expert!
Use Chemical Reverter for more than 10 minutes! 1382
Restorer Expert!
Use Restorer for more than 10 minutes! 1375
The Lab Equipment Needs An Upgrade!
Finish the level with all "Processing Time" sliders to the max! 1368
Pickups Pro!
Find ALL pickups in ALL laboratories! 1368
Pickups Laboratory 3!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 3! 1368
Pickups Laboratory 2!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 2! 1368
Tiny Chemist!
Complete a round on "Tiny" mode 1361
Get inside the green plastic bin! 1361
Pickups Laboratory 6!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 6! 1361
Not giving up on mistakes!
Win the round when you have reverted 5 or more ingredients! 1361
Alien Encounters
Find an alien creature! 1361
Pickups Laboratory 5!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 5! 1354
Not Good For Your Health
Get hit by ~microwaves~! 1354
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Check out the HUMAN SKELETON! 1347
Enlarge 3 or more objects in a single round! 1340
Cracked Television!
Destroy the TV in Laboratory 3! 1333
Breaker of Plates and Mugs!
Break all plates and mugs in the Kitchen! 1333
Pickups Laboratory 4!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 4! 1319
Pickups Laboratory 1!
Find all pickups in Laboratory 1! 1319
Find Love!
Find love in the kitchen! 1312
Spring Cleaning!
Empty out the fridge! 1306
So fast! Whoa
When breakable flasks are enabled, break at least one at very high speed! 1292
You stink!
Take a shower! 1265
Gravity... It always seems to let us down
Complete a round on "Low Gravity" mode! 1265
Microwave Expert!
Use Microwave for more than 10 minutes! 1251
Maybe try being a bit more careful? :( 1251
Professional Chemist
Complete a round on crazy difficulty! 1245
Code Combiner Expert!
Use Code Combiner for more than 10 minutes! 1231
Whoa, that was close!
You saved yourself in the last minute! 1211
Shrink until you're too small! 1178
The Restorer
Successfully use the Restorer! 1140
I Thirst!
Have 10 concurrent water flasks! 1133
That's so sweet!
Consume one cupcake! 1102
You airplane now
Spend more than 5 seconds in air without touching ground 1089
Proficient Chemist
Complete a round on hard difficulty! 1070
Is the floor dirty?
Finish the level without formulas and ingredients touching the floor! 1070
Must. Not. Jump.
Finish the level without jumping! 1039
Uhhh... what are you looking for?
Open the same drawer 10 times! 1027
No Object - No Problem
Win a round without picking up any object other than ingredients 1015
Snooping around?
Open all drawers in the laboratory at least once! 997
So many choices!
Spend more than 1 minute in the play menu! 967
Chemical Processor Expert!
Use Chemical Processor for more than 10 minutes! 961
Uhmm, okay?
You mixed the wrong ingredients, luckily nothing blew up! 926
Win a round in under 7 minutes! 926
Beginner Chemist
Complete a round on normal difficulty 915

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