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All Games -> The Touryst
Xbox LiveGame Info

The Touryst

You are just arriving at the Monument Islands. Want to go swimming? Or rather take a dive into the deep sea? Or do you want to visit the amusement arcade, do some shopping, dance at the beach party? Fancy some surfing? Or will you talk with the strange old tourist and listen what he has to say about these ancient mysterious monuments...
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Player Rankings: Xbox Live
Current Game Meta Value: XBL 2 345
Number of Owners: XBL 69
Number of Players: XBL 58
Completists: XBL 15 (21.74%)
Number of Achievements: XBL 10
Average Achievement Value: XBL 234.50

Social Interaction:

Xbox Live
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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
Image?url=27s1dhqe Do it!
You completed all TO-DO entries 354
Image?url=27s1dhqe 540 degrees
You made a 540 degree surf turn 314
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd0tqldjjxfcehby6yg6mhnddbf14enydmf8ib.5mdl3lgfobplshzk9yix8_2jz5rsfd.f94l4fcqtod0rdpi7zul7veqmyg5 The Artist
One of your photos is showcased in the Art Gallery 253
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd3_ykezkubbtiqrrkcc6jzwjxrb.deujxuk.ps6kshejt.qppcy2qjf0micyqsjap2c7f8zmw8mbtogbeiqvpzecg Manic Miner
You reached the bottom of the mine 253
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd9awjv.uhrjok0c53fcehk9pmloyrvimrde1h3qoqn96b5x0zzus61ptborayj.whm6i8mvu35 Drum Master
You played the drums without mistakes 253
Image?url=27s1dhqe Meet and Greet
You talked to 40 people 230
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdy1zcq.usez8iwog14u2xavl0xpxbfsh4vndqhrunihqjtelmyhzyzbllfauwitzqhybpoxx1hosaaaywh85odkx1nuwl2fwnh57l0o8c Let the sun shine
The sun returned to Soggy Island 230
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsdzofb5g5iybr2x6tvbvskil_mut6znmnpj5gy72luzokgb_6upb_pioiqgkni2uu3vceg5mj The secret caves
You found a secret cave 197
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd2rdhbm1dyticaugq_telzbxo.hx5vkoiyrp1jfssujviebu.fabrxcws6kgsc8x11zvuewvaoetva3lux3xjskghv_w5id Beach Gold
Gold coins found under the sand 149
Image?url=27s1dhqe.chkmfg4nspsd0ascjvald7yz8iaqijlszp5gcwvefs6zg2qdukqo12h7uhw5i05rfryvjq5jj5itn6bmh_yc4bk6 Going to Ybiza
You arrived at Ybiza 112

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