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All Games -> The Struggles Of Stefan Demo
SteamGame Info

The Struggles Of Stefan Demo

Enter the first level of The Struggles of Stefan! Game Overview: Simplistic controls. Multiple routes. Firing mechanism allows to render enemies harmless. One-hit death with endless retries.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 929
Number of Owners: STM 13
Number of Players: STM 13
Completists: STM 11 (84.62%)
Number of Achievements: STM 7
Average Achievement Value: STM 132.71

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (7)

Available achievements
B92b92ad86cf6b39e78087c55884f60cbdce1531 We're Halfway There
Activating a milestone with a torch. 135
B5427fe9e7582342b31cd2bb4f8e4062d26b3ef6 Mr. Tough Guy
Activating a milestone without a torch. 135
45f3689bc89293b345d97c4cfe7dcb94a320df55 A Leap Of Faith
Jumping from the roof of the church to the hall. 135
De856ee7b1f652de9fec7cbdaaed4d0b78746554 Victory Dance
Completion of the first level. 131
Fded3b70a998b062118f9c6ed39ec45072a57112 The First Olive
Level complete with no more enemies. 131
Da4d99d4947960e4a01cb9e5ad577f6d4db73b4e EZ Route Through The Church Hall
$5 deposited for an easy victory. 131
A78c21a2c62791500bdce4f4ed74ffd8f1ac1516 An Active Pacifist
No more enemies in the first level. 131

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