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All Games -> Detective Boiled-Hard / Case File - Death of the Space Dino Hunter
SteamGame Info

Detective Boiled-Hard / Case File - Death of the Space Dino Hunter

Play as Detective Boiled-Hard to get the truth and solve the case in this short point and click adventure game! Dialogue Focused Ask stupid questions Flirt with, or insult people Irritate people with several inventory items such as a decapitated hand! Crude humour and pop culture references Fully Voiced by one guy Yeah, even the woman Mouse controlled Tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Made with AGS, the engine of choice for studios such as the wonderful Wadjet Eye Games! (Unavowed, Blackwell series)
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 1 210
Number of Owners: STM 1
Number of Players: STM 1
Completists: STM(100%)
Number of Achievements: STM 10
Average Achievement Value: STM 121.00

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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
3ee86bccd86cb897a032ef899f3f9913c089f02c Which one is Sam again?
Inspect the ball of twine. 121
E28b31b4efc3a40966c37f4affcd698c5506cc93 TV Time
Watch all the TV shows. 121
Cccaa92789ee2b454d511d15b4dc1489524f6635 Reflections, ugh.
Interact with the mirror. 121
A3f42e6461b10953def619d4cbd292499ac630ce Nerfed
Shoot the mad fan with the toy gun. 121
1a433ade7fa0dcf26752549b726fec9b2b59db84 Look ma, no Hands!
Defeat Hands Grubby. 121
711354ec6883868a5fb7a04f539e8a12ae3d902a Leave the door open
Hear all the reasons to leave the door open. 121
Ba65b7b9c824f8a679476c126ea2b07af12b545c Joey would be proud
Get you flirt game on with Susie. 121
061c44d6210b881be0c40c553c7f661cca90d2cf Hasta La Vista
He won't be back, baby. 121
F7365b74f5bf16b0759f21c267a0da76acde3652 Fart to the Future
Use the fart spray on it's inventor. 121
Ea11caa8d0af45d5a9aa3cdaf84d7516e6d5ceef Case Closed
Nice one. 121

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