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All Games -> Sol 705
SteamGame Info

Sol 705

Escape school to obtain some extra points by making contact with an alien race? Easy ! Save the Universe by re-tuning some weird dimensional chords? Most probably ! Find a new bass player to join our band just in time for the local concert? Heavy problematic ! GAME FEATURES Hand made graphics with animations of great quality with the pixel-toon style Voice acting stars from the graphic adventure scene An original soundtrack performed by real indie bands And more ! This adventure plays honor to the great Lucas Arts, Sierra and Delphine software of yore
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 890
Number of Owners: STM 1
Number of Players: STM 0
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 10
Average Achievement Value: STM 89.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (10)

Available achievements
Edb83150a2b9c71d6404f8a4cd679716344135ba Who you gonna call?
Not home! 89
3265a78c7b439d4db7c0cbe2b25188a7b7574c8d What are those things?
True colors! 89
0722188bf6285769d8133476e03c4f03d70c9e79 Tucana Police
Mostacho Big 4 is the most! 89
6156801a48b0613366dd1a68f11967ee73229468 The Mostacho Big Four
is the most! 89
154593bebeaff62b758553330d2497dd9f75755a Romaniak's Report
Tonight on TV! 89
D84f16953df5cd1033af5fb62de66841aeaebdad Hypno YoYo
Learning some new tricks! 89
Ab1b3ca5c0b288ec2552fa3646db08691a883985 Freedom at last!
Go buddy, go! 89
A3aef97c844e69f1f040c4c7f6131821c765f7c0 Freedom at last!
Mercalli vs Richter 89
Ab1b3ca5c0b288ec2552fa3646db08691a883985 Flying high!
Tutsuku! 89
C6a2b1d655b7472e8ad5b24c723a2bcf71abcd56 A chubby cat
The Sagan continues! 89

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