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Player Rankings: RetroAch
Current Game Meta Value: R.A 5 347
Number of Owners: R.A 16
Number of Players: R.A 16
Completists: R.A(6.25%)
Number of Achievements: R.A 29
Average Achievement Value: R.A 184.38

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (29)

Available achievements
Finest Class Warrior
Achieve Rank A+++ class in the end of the game 250
Double Bone Trouble
Beat both ghost skeletons without being harmed.[No magic use, wait for them to appear] 250
The Pacifist
Beat the game without hitting any midget. 228
Dodge Smash
Kill 10 enemies with Gilius' back attack 206
Ax's Heavy Hit
Kill 10 enemies with Ax's back attack 206
Afraid of Riding
Beat the game without riding any beast or dragon 206
Beat the game without using any magic potion. 196
Kill 30 enemies in sequence without riding beasts, dragons and using magic 196
Tyris' Heavy Hit
Kill 10 enemies with Tyris' back attack 185
Turtle Village I Perfect [m]
Clear stage 3 without losing a life 185
Shoulder Charge
Kill 10 enemies with Ax's dash attack 185
Kill 10 enemies with Gilius' dash attack 185
Turtle Village II Perfect [m]
Clear stage 5 without losing a life 176
Triple Thunderbolt
Use Gilius' ultimate magic attack. 176
Beat the game as Gilius Thunderhead 176
AX BATTLER the Barbarian
Beat the game as Ax Battler 176
Atomic Explosion
Use Ax's ultimate magic attack. 176
TYRIS FLARE the Amazon
Beat the game as Tyris Flare 173
Jump Kick
Kill 10 enemies with Tyris' dash attack 173
Dragon Flame
Use Tyris' ultimate magic attack. 173
The Wilderness Perfect [m]
Clear stage 1 without losing a life 169
Learn To Fly
Knock 5 enemies off of the cliff 169
Beast Rider
Kill 15 enemies while riding beasts or dragons 164
Adept at Witchcraft
Collect 20 magic potions total 164
Safe in the Saddle
Finish a stage while riding a beast or a dragon 162
Fiend's Path
Clear stage 7 162
Turtle Village II
Clear stage 5 160
Turtle Village I
Clear stage 3 160
The Wilderness
Clear stage 1 160

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