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All Games -> Inertial Drift
PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Inertial Drift

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 6 399
Number of Owners: PSN 3
Number of Players: PSN 3
Completists: PSN(0%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 41
Average Achievement Value: PSN 156.07

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (41)

Available achievements
76868921febd6b072b56babfe1affe1d2e48411e Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads
Unlock the Gecko RX 169
1a4d5ed7d961ffb1847fde0ab7a0e982c6183d10 So Much Still To Learn
Complete Ada's story 169
8375472348b1d43be2c79395cdc8fc159bb668e2 Almost There…
Hit a checkpoint with less than 1 second left 169
1f3bed436d309f76ad95f9b828e321fbd3f48db8 All Night Crossing The Line
Complete 10 laps in practice mode in one session 169
Af27058a97141d3864251fef3c6599dcd807cdea You've Got Potential
Complete Edward's story 163
4dc6ee4cd67c22f7c2326ee5f8dcb221904f7a4c Unflappable
Earn gold in an endurance event 163
87f6e18200f466a1c912d967f6a85fb752ff0029 Perfectionist
Achieve 100% on a story mode playthrough 163
E23d5359ad3e1451bdd3a70d15917ee198d183d0 Multidimensional
Unlock the 7D 163
F34f0b30db44fd360b291f2ec0e1936f62202a5b I've Just Been In This Place Before
Complete an event on a reverse track layout 163
92ac5448d18c2cd4e49caf03b30f5f787574c4e6 Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?
Unlock the Jet Z 880 163
Da5d40ce498b181588961a1189351f80511ccdef Do You Like My Car?
Unlock the Supreno 163
D502cdf081cdfcfe623d48f20d0b6a546daa9c83 Cool Vibrations
Win a duel 163
Af7174969214c7b64e8b540901f1dd5751de3fb6 All The Force Of A Great Typhoon
Unlock the Ventus 163
7d9c9c5b5b67e3db6325f7686d7ac8ebcd6991e3 You Only Get One Shot
Compete in a time trial 161
05c4745a7584df0ac154d2686b88e1e5df136714 Why So Serious?
Unlock the Jester 161
27a81073cfc73f9b015b78b2e2bb0ac1364f9cfa Turn Right To Go Left
Compete in a style event 161
62c5f2609705b0949e387486c8a08e3a328a0457 Trendsetter
Set a leaderboard score in an Arcade Style event 161
B9db427a68d05adf26e42e23f4d6d3f2b51c7dc2 The Perfect Lap
Earn a platinum medal 161
E0bba07f01054a22c9a3edee6fd1a930d0557046 Take Care Of This Loser
Compete in a duel 161
10ce91eef007a01a358105af8c9a8ac60c86ac13 Stay Between The Lines
Compete in an endurance event 161
Ca913189921148ada22ac3714f9eaf429367ca5f Start Your Engines!
Compete in a race 161
87cf731ed1e82c37b7f6bb778c241209c9ef5c98 Sliding With Style
Earn gold in a style event 161
3251f03a3024a98b20e72ad4188b1fc4f6aa637f Scanning For Weaknesses…
Compete in a ghost battle 161
05f3ada031eb13aba6714326967c27565e027702 Razor Sharp
Unlock the Katana 161
D23bd4fb0892ff08b64aa2146cd1c1387e88913c Oh... I Get It!
Use the Drift Stick 161
0c841dd965fd193f554622c8f550f143fbcd65e9 Look Who's Finally Ready To Play
Complete the tutorial 161
35bec8749583ce024af75e016bb5a0e99b46e862 It's A New Record
Set a leaderboard time in Arcade Time Attack 161
5d6d71ca951a6c7bd758213ce028ac1f6d76f0ff I Have You Now
Beat the target time in a ghost battle 161
1661f074ed43a08be2b3f39826c7ebb1e6374159 Ice Cold Refreshment
Unlock the Boba 161
0ba0ea471204784a5a98f583c7a5ef8601c47e1b Go Ballistic!
Unlock the Bullet 161
Cf572dfb53f275caec58c4bf3fda972f72105955 Every Second Counts
Earn gold in a time trial 161
2b9d2415418e8f09392e10d8fae8bf88dc081ab1 Checkered Flag
Win a race 161
9d8318d157df5f479857ab3a3e02b8fa9a77510c Well Travelled
Complete an event on every track 133
2651b7e5c6ee57fa6596dc5fbd3b467148c0711a Stronger Together
Complete Viv's story 133
93878513b23017b56211d1439cd91a3a0b615d3f No Room For Doubt
Complete Ibba's story 133
D94e8b5ffbbdb41278b051dfc67dea6bed19d73f Et Tu, Brute?
Unlock the Gladio 133
8d1131edf44cc6242162c268cec5437844ceec8d Drift King
Earn all trophies 133
77e1d1933052304361ab9f0bebbfc9aa2e492ae7 Did You Order Original Recipe Or Extra Crispy?
Complete a story play through on "Xtra Crispy" 133
Eccfb6957fd6d6ada6f4cb73351650fab8f53040 Complete Mastery
Complete grand prix mode with every car 133
B68c27f342b6c72b77dc64dfeb417740017b6b7e Careful, They Bite
Unlock the Raptor 133
F24013b4b70788114b0ba1747a5218bd5e405531 A Force To Be Reckoned With
Unlock the Impuls 133

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