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All Games -> Claw Crane Company
SteamGame Info

Claw Crane Company

Manage a crane game store in Claw Crane Company Establish the proper shape and strength of the claw, the price of the game, and organize the prizes well, to be the most famous game store in the world Try to satisfy clients and don't make him angry In the center of the store there is a mysterious crane machine that changes its contents every day. To unlock new gifts, play and get from that crane There are many kinds of prizes such as plush doll, figures, sweets, drinks, etc. It is also a goal unlock all prizes
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 1 068
Number of Owners: STM 1
Number of Players: STM 0
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 12
Average Achievement Value: STM 89.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (12)

Available achievements
0e4a5fe4d9130c22ed3f30dfbb55817be2dea12d Very Famous
Fame reaches 80 89
014624f126f5d1d1dde2b3bd19309f610e643180 Truth
Game Clear 89
Bc96cbedd1a3311193f25b50cf8db6e16644093d The Best in the World
Fame reaches 100 89
71277a44b0cb52729f3e432873e3fe1c0afbc36e Super Management
Fame reaches 100 in 7 days 89
De8d68351bfb49d8f87f029c314c19eb9171bc31 Prize Master
Unlock 150 types of prizes 89
6e4c3d3fb6c07186747623f415e25aea31d3d431 Prize Mania
Unlock 50 types of prizes 89
C9db5e395b8344026f687e958e3b01d104d2d254 Prize Collector
Unlock 100 types of prizes 89
F10c25df05b698e0650be0f73dc9f61d4d10f755 Moderately Famous
Fame reaches 50 89
95dffca820c54757a4e9a944c0e0b3aaf490c013 Many Clients
Total number of clients reaches 1000 89
014624f126f5d1d1dde2b3bd19309f610e643180 Macaron
Unlock Macaron 89
D5616b6c750389e0e59394c2a3e80d952da41db9 Beginner
Fame reaches 10 89
2def54df45ff32585bd61a3c9dc8abefb277622c A Little Famous
Fame reaches 20 89

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