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All Games -> Save The Girl
SteamGame Info

Save The Girl

Nudity DLC Other ways to install DLC: 1. Click to download DLC 2. Press the key combination "Win + R" to enter: steam: // install / 1442100 Press Enter to download free DLC Description Save The Girl This is a puzzle game in which you have to solve a puzzle in order to save the princess from the monster in the ancient tower. You must solve the puzzle in the correct order so that the monster does not get to you and the princess. The castle is located on a deserted island, so no one will help you. Help is nowhere to be found! Game Features: Cute and sexy eight different girls. Interesting gameplay. Album with all girls. Awesome animations for each
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 5 148
Number of Owners: STM 21
Number of Players: STM 14
Completists: STM 13 (61.9%)
Number of Achievements: STM 36
Average Achievement Value: STM 143.00

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Achievements (36)

Available achievements
532a97c0ef4486b4d4824f4c47739b9191267733 35_Save_The_Girl
35_Save_The_Girl 144
Bdbc61171b015be306c1b73c5e9586315676dd93 34_Save_The_Girl
34_Save_The_Girl 144
17a3caf4d90a7715db629a33da9b07d9ba37d346 33_Save_The_Girl
33_Save_The_Girl 144
47feca1e0d5dfa1a8bdc85748d4284bef27916bc 32_Save_The_Girl
32_Save_The_Girl 144
Bfafa7e0e580818f781a4f84919630fcc7ec6bca 31_Save_The_Girl
31_Save_The_Girl 144
Bc5e389b6c99e56036a91a3a99dea443e8259648 30_Save_The_Girl
30_Save_The_Girl 144
C0268a6857e7ce92d186b8f095b59641da524213 29_Save_The_Girl
29_Save_The_Girl 144
05138b718088f8221300f781cbf42da52cc28a35 28_Save_The_Girl
28_Save_The_Girl 144
0e228aeeb903d936d372b03f5925f5b9cc08429a 27_Save_The_Girl
27_Save_The_Girl 144
22d40d49aeff23fb05f0731daee9dc2e4e813ee0 26_Save_The_Girl
26_Save_The_Girl 144
99e1f248305166f91a1e98237f656634ba92a279 25_Save_The_Girl
25_Save_The_Girl 144
E4da3bc9225b736dc5c60d12395bdc2999155cfc 24_Save_The_Girl
24_Save_The_Girl 144
97e7a0674781136b16262b9c2440451dd7cf3ba2 23_Save_The_Girl
23_Save_The_Girl 144
3e70f077175851a1855a433ac929f040827c7059 22_Save_The_Girl
22_Save_The_Girl 144
933c6d264c4746c9fde6f9cf7f87d3f1859ca2d8 21_Save_The_Girl
21_Save_The_Girl 144
19f922a216c818c4fbf69cad0e2169913d2515a8 20_Save_The_Girl
20_Save_The_Girl 144
3bd36576a74c580e63a8b37a648fc0913d6264d5 19_Save_The_Girl
19_Save_The_Girl 144
A77c263a156cb9e8ee865bfbfc20b4a9b62d8401 18_Save_The_Girl
18_Save_The_Girl 144
4cab5b2aed57aa08e123b9610e6e00d86a5b0d9e 9_Save_The_Girl
9_Save_The_Girl 142
25f8aea9cdea65eb88079859d9b5f9989d2421a4 8_Save_The_Girl
8_Save_The_Girl 142
0e3d632430ab8e82d6b2d248bf27b58fb5cef1dd 7_Save_The_Girl
7_Save_The_Girl 142
7fb2d86e3567de9be9eb15ff2f1f217a4db06363 6_Save_The_Girl
6_Save_The_Girl 142
828e1cbde5bbb208ebc36f6d785d4ac5febead08 5_Save_The_Girl
5_Save_The_Girl 142
386d34089844908761e2a4fdb99374f353290e61 4_Save_The_Girl
4_Save_The_Girl 142
59e7e58070bb75645f2dfb2dc35f6aef31607afa 3_Save_The_Girl
3_Save_The_Girl 142
78d67421f010f632fba225288ba87a800013cbbe 2_Save_The_Girl
2_Save_The_Girl 142
Ed92138849bc1a1756a211a4b909ae2fb6391918 1_Save_The_Girl
1_Save_The_Girl 142
Eb8f026d6f951b4b675a241fe87435a0781479e9 17_Save_The_Girl
17_Save_The_Girl 142
9209b7fb62a1156640d66fc8a1dddbd7e70d8e2d 16_Save_The_Girl
16_Save_The_Girl 142
9ec6a04748412f1d97452a9d7b9432c7b2e61e5a 15_Save_The_Girl
15_Save_The_Girl 142
A930b6962ed7773d443c8db78f3e4c64cd8b696d 14_Save_The_Girl
14_Save_The_Girl 142
26d1d73734c95f5e505bb6cafc99f337e1e40aa0 13_Save_The_Girl
13_Save_The_Girl 142
366c4362435201ab064b797b9e90aeaaecb0b433 12_Save_The_Girl
12_Save_The_Girl 142
8e5d685acc9843c91ee607342819f89a899b35e0 11_Save_The_Girl
11_Save_The_Girl 142
64c0247ab26e1c623f778dc7a780577b0aad76db 10_Save_The_Girl
10_Save_The_Girl 142
B25dbf3e5ed449c98a7fc82b7da38cc8ec0c279d 0_Save_The_Girl
0_Save_The_Girl 142

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