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All Games -> Loot Grind Simulator
SteamGame Info

Loot Grind Simulator

Loot Grind Simulator is a fantasy-themed game about completing quests and earning better loot to equip. The game is meant as satire of the current MMO and Looter Shooter trends and features idle gameplay elements with decisions about what quests to undertake and items to craft. The main goal of the game is to reach level 1000, which is the max level, but similarly to MMOs, Loot Grind Simulator has multiple objectives for different types of players such as unlocking all achievements, collecting all different item images or having a full set of Unique equipment (the highest rank in the game!). Loot Grind Simulator features 13 different item types, 16 item ranks, 30 achievements and 370 different item images! The game also has a crafting system that lets players combine spare items to create better ones, as well as an in-game timer for speedruns! Thank you for playing!
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 4 525
Number of Owners: STM 20
Number of Players: STM 19
Completists: STM 15 (75%)
Number of Achievements: STM 30
Average Achievement Value: STM 150.83

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Achievements (30)

Available achievements
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Weapon Enthusiast
Collect all weapons 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Veteran Craftsman
Craft 75 items 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Veteran Adventurer
Reach level 400 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Skilled Craftsman
Craft 50 items 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Seasoned Fighter
Equip a unique item 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Renowned Hero
Complete 750 quests 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Renowned Adventurer
Reach level 800 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Novice Collector
Complete a collection 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Master Collector
Complete all collections 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Loot Grind God
Unlock all achievements 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Legendary Hero
Complete 1000 quests 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Legendary Adventurer
Reach max level 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Fabled Fighter
Equip unique items in all slots 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Expert Craftsman
Craft 100 items 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Amateur Craftsman
Craft 25 items 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Acclaimed Hero
Complete 500 quests 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Acclaimed Adventurer
Reach level 600 154
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Novice Craftsman
Craft 10 items 151
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Experienced Adventurer
Reach level 200 151
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Veteran Hero
Complete 250 quests 149
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Skilled Adventurer
Reach level 100 147
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Experienced Hero
Complete 100 quests 147
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Aspiring Craftsman
Craft an item 147
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Rookie Fighter
Equip items in all slots 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Novice Hero
Complete 10 quests 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Novice Adventurer
Reach level 10 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Aspiring Hero
Complete a quest 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Aspiring Adventurer
Level up for the first time 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Amateur Hero
Complete 50 quests 145
7f725933831b032a2510a854e94e7c3fbd86a059 Amateur Adventurer
Reach level 50 145

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