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All Games -> Spark & Sparkle
SteamGame Info

Spark & Sparkle

One-on-one jigsaw building, scrolling-shooter action! It's a classic, head-to-head puzzle challenge, but monsters won't stop showing up, and they might even get in your way! Defeat them to earn gems - Collect gems to get the items and puzzle pieces you'll need! Place pieces correctly and things get harder for your opponent! The player to complete their puzzle first is the winner! Features 8 playable characters, each with different abilities! Single-player Arcade Mode! Set up single matches and play with a friend locally, or against the computer! Online competition! Invite friends to play, or challenge strangers! Over 100 puzzles to gather as you play! Practice building puzzles in the Gallery!
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 2 403
Number of Owners: STM 1
Number of Players: STM 0
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 27
Average Achievement Value: STM 89.00

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Achievements (27)

Available achievements
99fa5e9f4ebe88f2abe895927138de1459eba482 Vanilla Tour Collection
Collect all of Vanilla Tour's special puzzles 89
8ffae8539bf4b0e66780a262b50b17ef37607221 Truffle Tour Collection
Collect all of Truffle Tour's special puzzles 89
16555816fd23eaedc31f2c0bd1529e3179474c7d Tournament Gold
Earn a gold medal on each tour 89
F450ff9044254d95eb8e3a27131cf738aa62470b Tournament Collection
Collect all the special tour puzzles from Arcade Mode 89
9752278d8fc50e888966215f3c2447f73da8bd83 That's Cool!
Complete a puzzle without getting hit 89
D5a20a4eb9217911031238a93893abb38fa49f75 Puzzle Winner Toast
Complete a puzzle with Toast 89
065c3705d0a41f5c6ada302b86187bd11938beeb Puzzle Winner Stripe
Complete a puzzle with Stripe 89
4868e9e2ca46f39f0fd49e78b650bec66ac873f4 Puzzle Winner Sparkle
Complete a puzzle with Sparkle 89
Fc268253cf6d4823064ca15a02fc03147db57898 Puzzle Winner Spark
Complete a puzzle with Spark 89
97df36f4334eba71f6e2b6fe4486fe2aa77882ae Puzzle Winner Ice Cream Mermaid Princess
Complete a puzzle with the Ice Cream Mermaid Princess 89
7363aea7899c93a383120ab5b087039956a6c1d9 Puzzle Winner Frog Prince
Complete a puzzle with the Frog Prince 89
80692812145cbe0ff840dd3cbb2265c08c33a553 Puzzle Winner Crow
Complete a puzzle with Crow 89
156b038b8322d06d4218e342e02664b80a0ed123 Puzzle Winner Amy
Complete a puzzle with Amy 89
2de3a260efc307abc30dca64d139b8b54dafe3a5 Puzzle Challenger!
Challenge a friend in Match Mode or Online Mode 89
42e2dbf30bc9d50dc677bbd7aecbdc3c83a7c1cb Practice
Complete a puzzle in Gallery Mode 89
Bddfa089467ec89835a0ade9ede8b27e3d9c8e4f Orange Tour Collection
Collect all of Orange Tour's special puzzles 89
Ce7059fb81f2fa2b30711fc375c7e4ec3b0cbad5 New Costume for Toast!
Acquire a new costume for Toast 89
843cc7dba1c6c27411e1f8f9e1087012a8cf3919 New Costume for the Ice Cream Mermaid Princess!
Acquire a new costume for the Ice Cream Mermaid Princess 89
047986b2658ebe042661d8d218ca1b3a5cbb60fb New Costume for the Frog Prince!
Acquire a new costume for the Frog Prince 89
C397ae6e5e5c3f332b970dc9e3606c7b046524c6 New Costume for Stripe!
Acquire a new costume for Stripe 89
27e3559b4393bc5ed592375cc58fc5be4502eb13 New Costume for Sparkle!
Acquire a new costume for Sparkle 89
9b560b11d1b6a631e28095f21c5b224404225343 New Costume for Spark!
Acquire a new costume for Spark 89
1f1a80a8f23923915d30896fa87acc3f64db0a03 New Costume for Crow!
Acquire a new costume for Crow 89
7fbabdb386ee72c360dfec856117c4206d18fd75 New Costume for Amy!
Acquire a new costume for Amy 89
65d5786d48f4be31ff440c5f877fd2feea1bae5a Mint Tour Collection
Collect all of Mint Tour's special puzzles 89
55b5b806a23c80f03056682f04c5a6093b5fddec Cake Tour Collection
Collect all of Cake Tour's special puzzles 89
723b12c96f57385403e17e37b1854e67e06b10b1 All Right!
Complete a puzzle by correctly placing every piece on the first try 89

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