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Press Any Button

PRESS ANY BUTTON is an arcade-style game. It has a big emphasis on story, but it will also put your reflexes to a test! The game introduces a weird but sweet character named A-Eye. He is an artificial intelligence created to process data for important scientific research. When he gets bored with this assignment, he decides to turn the research into a video game. The fact that he can't draw game assets or compose music and knows nothing about game design is not going to stop him. A-Eye will be extremely glad if you become an impartial critic for him. Make your own opinion on the game he's been working on and find out his story full of life, death, rain, and dandelions. What you should know before you play: It will take you about an hour to complete the game. The gameplay consists of dialogues with the main character and of playing the game he is creating. You will need to stop falling blocks. If a block goes beyond the bottom edge of the screen, you will lose a life. The previous sentence might not sound very exciting, but you should consider that the blocks are going to look different and have unique properties. And yes, the whole thing still might prove to be not very exciting. Be understanding, this is the very first game for A-Eye! But don't be patronizing, he doesn't like it.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 1 253
Number of Owners: STM 85
Number of Players: STM 10
Completists: STM(10.59%)
Number of Achievements: STM 5
Average Achievement Value: STM 250.60

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (5)

Available achievements
You've Been Challenged Enough
Go through all challenges, having 2 lives only 253
You Know Your Sport
Juggle a ball 20 times in a row 253
It's Quite an Achievement!
Find something I had no intention to hide 253
Thank You for Playing With Me
Complete my game 241

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