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All Games -> We're All Going To Die
SteamGame Info

We're All Going To Die

We’re All Going To Die is a top down cooperative twin stick shooter in which the players face off against waves of enemies. Fight many different enemy types from fast robots that carry bombs to towering lizard people who will smack you around. Fight also against different kinds of bosses, that can be more ranged or melee oriented, all with their own special moves and abilities. Players, if they survive a number of rounds/waves, will be able to choose from a wide range of different perks or abilities and upgrade them later on to give them an edge as the waves get harder and harder the longer they survive.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 6 746
Number of Owners: STM 75
Number of Players: STM 2
Completists: STM(1.33%)
Number of Achievements: STM 35
Average Achievement Value: STM 192.74

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (35)

Available achievements
Eat an apple 193
You're Not Supposed to Be Here...
Play on the hidden level 193
Complete wave 100 193
Completed a total of 500 waves in the game 193
Destroy the Android Twins, Kit and Kat 193
Told Ya So
The entire squad died 193
This is only the beginnning
Complete wave 10 193
The Bigger They Are...
Destroy Big Buffo 193
Completed your first wave 193
Acquire a speed boost 193
Revive a downed squad member 193
Sand... Sand Everywhere
Play a desert level 193
Part of the Problem
Die for the first time 193
Not So Tough Now
Destroy Bubba 193
Complete wave 69 193
Completed a total of 5000 waves in the game 193
Make Your Own Door
Hit 25 enemies with a single AP Round shot 193
Lazy Bum
Go one wave with one character not firing a round, using an ability, reviving, or dying 193
It'll all be over soon
Complete wave 25 193
Hold Your Ground
Kill 75 enemies without moving 193
High in the Sky
Play a skybridge level 193
Hey, Chill
Use a Cryo Grenade that only freezes 1 enemy 193
Completed a total of 10 waves in the game 193
Going Camping
Play a forest level 193
Flock of Seagulls
Kill 75 enemies while in continuous motion 193
Fast Travel
Use a teleporter 193
Completed a total of 2000 waves in the game 193
Did I miss?
Hit an enemy with the Long Shot Ability from 200 meters away 193
Destroy a wall on one of the jungle levels 193
Destroy Croaky 193
Battle Tested
Completed a total of 100 waves in the game 193
Aren't you dead yet?
Complete wave 50 193
And Then There Was One...
Survive a wave in which all your squadmates die 193
A Lil’ Crabby
Destroy Mr. Pinch 193
City Slicker
Play a city level 184

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