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SteamGame Info

Legends of Idleon MMO • Create multiple heroes, and specialize them into different classes! Your miner will get ores, for your smithy to make into armor. Your DPS main can use that equipment to defeat monsters, and progress your entire guild forward in the world, unlocking more gameplay systems and hero slots! • Destroy maps full of monsters, complete quests, fight bosses, upgrade equipment, and micromanage all your characters for maximum efficiency! • Your characters will continue leveling up and collecting resources when you're gone! You'll get less gains, but will make steady progress! • Fully fledged Idle Gameplay -- upgrade systems that interact with other systems, unlocking MORE systems to play with! • Fully(ish) fledged MMO Gameplay -- Chat with friends, join and level up guilds with friends, or join random people and pretend that you have friends! That's what I do! - Over 40 different NPCs, that give out 135 unique quests! Maybe you'll have to kill monsters without equipment on, or help a piggy reach 1M social media followers (that last one will make more sense in game) - 70 different locations, spread out across different scenery -- Jungles, forests, deserts, oceans, sewers, caves, and quite a few others! - As a single guy (yes, in 'that' way too haha), I don't have to rely on scummy practices to pay off huge business expenses -- and instead, I can just focus on making a pure gaming experience, with monthly updates to spice things up! Give the game a try, you'll see its not the normal p2w garbage. - With an active discord of 35,000 users, I place a huge importance on player feedback. Weekly polls and custom suggestions drive the direction of the game, so you can rest assured this game will always be for gamers, made by a gamer!
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 22 540
Number of Owners: STM 94
Number of Players: STM 30
Completists: STM(0%)
Number of Achievements: STM 52
Average Achievement Value: STM 433.46

Social Interaction:

Comments (0)

Achievements (52)

Available achievements
Spike Minigame Master
If u love me let me go... erm, I mean get a score of 13 in the Spike Minigame 505
Snowy Wonderland
Reach world 3, the coolest world in the game! 505
Simpin' for NPC's
Comlete 150 Quests on a single character. The name speaks for itself. 505
Mythical Gamer
Your level has reached a point where people debate whether or not it is possible! 505
Minecart Master
Get a score of 103+ in the Mining Minigame, beating the Developer's score! 505
Legendary Gamer
Your level is so massive it needs three digits! Just 4 more and you'll have a phone number! 505
Large Fortune
100,000,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy 3.8 million hot dogs! 505
Hibernating Gamer
Claim 111,000 hours of AFK gains. Jeez, ok that's like an entire year, even with all your character idling to the max lol 505
Guild Top Dawg
Contribute 20000 GP to your guild, which means your probably the best bow-wow in your guild! 505
Guild Higher-Up
Contribute 3000 GP to your guild, putting yourself above fellow members who only have the 500 GP achievement! 505
Fishing Finesse
Get a score of 67+ in the Fishing Minigame, beating the Developer's score! 505
Dumbo the Destroyer
Defeat Efaunt on Chaotic Difficulty. Watch out for his new kick attack, and for all his old attacks since they're still deadly! 505
Demon Demolisher
Defeat the big hourglass and the toilet paper guy! 505
Crystal Championship Bout
Defeat 2000 Crystal Monsters to become the Heavyweight Champion of IdleOn! 505
Comatose Gamer
Claim 30,000 hours of AFK gains. That's like 2 years, but again it's really more like 2 months cuz you have so many peeps in ur squad. 505
Choppin' to the Beat
Get a score of 141+ in the Choppin' Minigame, beating the Developer's score! 505
Catching Coronation
Get a score of 128+ in the Catching minigame, beating the Developer's score! 505
Card Dude
Collect 120 unique cards. This basically makes you like, THE guy who does the card stuff! 505
Bad Doggy!
Defeat Amarok on Chaotic Difficulty. He's all bark and... well, all bite too honestly. 505
Anvil Expansion Again
Craft the Anvil III expander. More things to craft, again, yay! 505
A Family of Me!
Create your 8th character, who will never get the love and affection you gave your first few characters when making new characters was still special 505
Crystal S-S-S-Suuuper Slam
Defeat 100 Crystal Monsters! This could go a couple rounds... 487
Veteran Gamer
You're easily in the top 5% now, that's something to be proud of maybe kind of! 470
Slumbering Gamer
Claim 2000 hours of AFK Gains. That's like 3 months but not really cuz u have multiple characters. 470
Boss Buster
Defeat the big poop and the giant house with legs! 470
Bending over Backward to Help
Complete 75 Quests on a single character. Seriously these are just errands the NPC's didn't wanna do. 470
Tree Top Dropout
Reach the top of the Giant Tree, then jump off... wait no don't do that last part. 454
Guild Member
Contribute 500 GP to your guild, proving you aren't that kid in the school project who lets others do everything! 454
Retirement Fund
1,000,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy almost 91,000 rolls of Cue Tape! 437
Peanut Pioneer
You gave up all those peanuts just for a secret class... was it really worth it? 437
Part 3: Learn to Translate
Complete Stiltzcho's part of the Main Questline 437
My First Trophy!
Equip any trophy. Well, almost any trophy, limited-time trophies don't count. 437
Meel Time!
Shake it! To the left, to the left! Oh yea!!! 437
Elite Player
You've done better than most of my IRL friends who totally exist and aren't made up! 437
Card Enthusiast
Collect 30 unique cards. If u wanna trade I got some spare Amarok cards! 437
Anvil Expansion
Craft the Anvil II expander. More things to craft, yay! 437
Down by the Desert
Reach the 2nd world, where there's lots of sand... I hate sand... 405
Average Player
You're easily in the top 50% of players now! 405
Pro Gamer Move
You kept the tutorial oil you get from the goblin?? You sneaker little gamer you! 375
Meet the Dev
Hey, it was super cool to meet you gamer! Well, unless you called me LavaLame2, then it wasn't and I hate u :3 (Note - This achievement will also complete itself if you complete all other achievements) 375
More and More Me!
Create your 4th character, who will never appreciate the struggle the earlier characters went through from having no family bonus stats. 360
Crystal Beatdown
Defeat your first Crystal Monster! These have a 1 in 2000 chance to spawn each time you defeat a normal monster. 360
Choose one of the 3 starting classes, since like there are only 3 starting classes and not 4. 360
Do What You're Told
Complete 25 Quests on a single character. They're called Quests but they're more like chores tbh 331
Card Collector
Collect 10 unique cards. Who knows you may even get a Baba Yaga Rookie Card! 331
Part 2: Learn to Entertain
Complete the Picnic Stowaway's part of the Main Questline 317
The Sculpture Within
Buy the Sculpting Tools so you can craft the town table 303
Rookie Player
You've done better than people who ditch after a few hours! 303
Small Savings
10,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy 1400 nomwiches! 289
Sleepy Gamer
Claim 100 hours of AFK Gains. That's like 4 days and a side of fries. 251

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