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All Games -> Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo
SteamGame Info

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo

This limited-time demo lets you experience a taste of the upcoming survival horror sensation, Resident Evil Village. Players will have a total of 60 minutes to explore both the village and castle. How much time will you spend seeking answers in the village, and how long will you brave the castle’s corridors to uncover its dark secrets? It's up to you. Available during the following timeframe: May 1st 5:00PM – May 9th 4:59PM Pacific MAIN GAME FEATURES *First-Person Action – Players will assume the role of Ethan Winters and experience every up-close battle and terrifying pursuit through a first-person perspective. *A Living, Breathing Village – More than just a mysterious backdrop for the horrifying events that unfold in the game, the village is a character in its own right with mysteries for Ethan to uncover and terrors to escape from.
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Player Rankings: Steam
Current Game Meta Value: STM 647
Number of Owners: STM 210
Number of Players: STM 142
Completists: STM 125 (59.52%)
Number of Achievements: STM 12
Average Achievement Value: STM 53.92

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Achievements (12)

Available achievements
Played for 60 minutes
Played for 60 minutes 72
Played for 55 minutes
Played for 55 minutes 72
Played for 50 minutes
Played for 50 minutes 68
Played for 45 minutes
Played for 45 minutes 59
Played for 40 minutes
Played for 40 minutes 56
Played for 35 minutes
Played for 35 minutes 52
Played for 30 minutes
Played for 30 minutes 50
Played for 25 minutes
Played for 25 minutes 50
Played for 20 minutes
Played for 20 minutes 50
Played for 15 minutes
Played for 15 minutes 43
Played for 10 minutes
Played for 10 minutes 41
Played for 5 minutes
Played for 5 minutes 34

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