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PlayStation NetworkGame Info

Pumpkin Jack

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Player Rankings: PSN
Current Game Meta Value: PSN 3 894
Number of Owners: PSN 1
Number of Players: PSN 1
Completists: PSN(100%)
Number of Achievements: PSN 33
Average Achievement Value: PSN 118.00

Social Interaction:

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Achievements (33)

Available achievements
You've Got A Problem, Man
Collect every single crow skull in the world 118
You'll Float, Too
Reach the end of the vortex like a paper boat down a drain 118
Win the game of Conveniently-Placed Hydraulic-Operated Underground Whack-a-Mole (patent pending) 118
The Worst Achievement Possible
Get on Santa's Super-Duper-Duper-Naughty List 118
The Bigger They Are...
Be the David to Dhor's Goliath (i.e. kill the big guy) 118
Skull Obsessive
Collect all crow skulls in the North 118
Skull Hobbyist
Find all crow skulls in the ancient mines 118
Skull Finder
Collect all crow skulls in the fields 118
Skull Fanatic
Collect all crow skulls in the graveyard 118
Skull Collector
Collect all crow skulls in the swamp 118
Skull Breaker
Send a monster back to the grave 118
Skull Aficionado
Collect all crow skulls in Skeletown 118
Shovel Face
Equip the Legendary Holy Glory Shovel 118
Prying Eyes
Pick up a crow skull 118
Official Groupie
Give in to your inner completionist 118
License to Drive
Pass your abandoned minecart driving test 118
Hunger Killer
Solve world hunger (by killing Gluttony) 118
High Flyer
Go for a nice walk with Abelard the Gargoyle 118
Ghost Rider
Ride the ghost horse all the way to the end 118
Kill the Phantom guarding the ancient mines 118
Full Closet
Fill out your wardrobe 118
Formula Ugh
Beat the gate guards to the gate they guard on guard carts 118
Fashion Victim
Buy a new outfit! 118
Disk Jockey
Make vinyls cool again. ...Actually, that's impossible, even as a joke. Just find all the gramophones. 118
Make some magic mushroom music! 118
Curse of the Scarecrow
Kill the tyrannical Scarecrow and liberate the crows 118
Cruel Tea
Ruin the Witch and Merchant's cruelty-free dinner 118
Crash Boo-ndicoot
Smashing some crates with your head might solve the barn's puzzle.. 118
Brand New Body
Finish the tutorial 118
Boogie-Man Wonderland
Find a gramophone and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! 118
Complete all the underground bomb-bouncing courses 118
Ain't no rest for the wicked
Clear away all those headstones cluttering up the graveyard 118

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