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All Games -> Sid Meier's Civilization VI -> DLC
SteamSid Meier's Civilization VI: DLC
Connected tag:
Number of Known Players: 281
Number of Achievements: 21
Number of Completists: 14 (4.98%)
Current Meta Value: 48273
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Achievements (21)

Available achievements
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 That's Some Good Kerma
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Nubia, win on Deity difficulty 2358
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 You're the Demonstrably Greatest
Achieve the highest possible rank in Conquests of Alexander at Deity difficulty 2354
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 One does not simply walk into Ngauruhoe
As the Maori, have a Maori Toa discover the Ngauruhoe volcano 2354
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 What is Matter? Nevermind. 
Win the Path to Nirvana scenario on Deity 2341
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 The 25th Dynasty
Playing as Nubia, liberate the original Egyptian capital in a liberation war with the capital's conqueror 2339
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 God of the Sea
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! at Deity difficulty 2337
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Total A-Nile-hilation
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Egypt, win on Deity difficulty 2331
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Master of the Baltic
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Olof Skötkonung 2330
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Some Wine For Your Soldiers?
Playing as Persia, conquer the original Scythian capital within 10 turns of declaring a surprise war on Scythia 2327
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Absolutely Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Canute 2327
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Sea of the Bow
Playing Gifts of the Nile as Nubia, found a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea 2326
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 Raid Healer
With a Guru Heal 7 religious units with one action 2325
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 More Hacksilver For Harald
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Harald Hardrada 2320
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 Wat is Love
Build Angkor Wat and a Wat in Angkor Wat 2319
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 Circle of Life
Build a Fishery adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef 2317
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 Thalassocratophile 
Have 5 cities on landmasses 5 or less tiles with Indonesia 2311
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Sandgroper Sweep
Win Outback Tycoon as Western Australia 2307
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 Cardamom and Mangos and Elephants
Win a regular game as Jayavarman VII 2251
C05dd3fc1d3b8ac1b04314e73dfeebb8aa7ffb26 All Beneath the Wings of Garuda
Win a regular game as Gitarja 2231
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 Armor of Faith
Win a regular game as Jadwiga 2169
C29e93fd82f9033ea2029b866c5bc29f1813d649 A Smashing Victory
Win a regular game as John Curtin 2015

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