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All Games -> Sid Meier's Civilization VI -> Gathering Storm
SteamSid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
Connected tag:
Expansion 2
Number of Known Players: 403
Number of Achievements: 12
Number of Completists: (2.23%)
Current Meta Value: 27477
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Achievements (12)

Available achievements
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 I'm Not Dead Yet
Win the Black Death after turn 80 2394
8b753b1bf93139706476e54b9649c3451693c32a Gesundheit
Win the Black Death as the Holy Roman Empire 2394
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Danse Macabre
Win the Black Death scenario on Deity difficulty 2394
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Aggressive Strain
Win the Black Death after conquering five cities 2394
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Santé Passe Richesse
Win the Black Death as France 2391
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Win the Black Death as England 2386
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Bendición
Win the Black Death as Castile 2383
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Medieval Medicine
Train 25 Plague Doctors during the Black Death scenario 2372
297b0ab8ce64536bfc71ddc969bff7ad27f77cfe Do Unto Others
Nuclear Strike another faction in the Red Death scenario 2313
297b0ab8ce64536bfc71ddc969bff7ad27f77cfe The Test of Royale
Win the Red Death scenario 2283
297b0ab8ce64536bfc71ddc969bff7ad27f77cfe Reinforcements Have Arrived
Claim a Supply Drop in the Red Death scenario 2272
Ada80efbafc9f08d01ce9c6a160dfdcfbf8dade7 Real Estate Disclosures Required
Have a district be pillaged by 3 different random events 1501

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